Plastic A Big Part Of Human Life And A Major Source Of Pollution | NBC Nightly News

it’s in landfills streets and waterways floating island of plastic garbage are creating a disturbing reality for wildlife who often mistaken for food but it wasn’t always this way essential role discovered in the early 1900s crust it was considered a miracle products first used by the military today it’s a vital part in so many the things we use from medical devices to computer components and Loan most of it can be recycled 90% is not and some Plastic Products can take centuries to disintegrate environmentally safe the situation is dire everybody needs to wake up and and we need to do something about this can stem the tide and turn off the faucet of the stuff coming into the ocean and coming into our environment will many cities across the globe are moving to bend some Plastic Products it’s a daunting task Americans use 100 bill plastic bags a year worldwide 1 million plastic bottles are bought every minute 8 million pieces of plastic end up in the ocean every day the Plastics industry says better consumer recycling is chi plastic or other type of materials it’s not you know the material itself it’s Howard disposing of those things run somewhere packed in boxes but it’s not easy says Mom Emily you stop taking little steps and you eliminate one thing a good job I think she hopes will turn the tie canvas shopping bags wooden utensils metal water bottles shopping Emily steers clear of plastic unless it has an important code and that is one of them or recyclable types of plastic for the next-generation rehema Ellis NBC News Oak Park Illinois latest interview highlight and digital exclusive thanks for watching
So many of the items we use are made of plastic, but much of it doesn’t get recycled and pollutes the land and seas. Many cities are moving to ban certain products and some families are trying to live plastic-free.

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