Paul Ryan: Why I don’t publicly criticize Trump

the grind I know you support most of the president’s policies but the way you like to talk about policy is very different than the way the president likes to talk about bahala state do you worried that the way this president has talked about immigration for example 10 nations were women has muddy the way people view conservative policy My Philosophy in this SEC is this is go get the results improve our concept of the results the African American unemployment rate is the lowest it’s ever been right now the Hispanic unemployment rate is lowest it’s ever been right now and in my opinion because of our policies right are tax reform the stuff that is done that we have done to unleash Capital to create jobs in confidence in America confidence is up unemployment is down. The jobless rate is at a 49 year low these policies have made a big difference and so to me the proof is in the pudding it in the results and at the end of the day that’s what speaks louder than any sentence or tweet that you can come up with some have suggested that you haven’t been tough enough I find it’s more effective to speak directly to the president about issues and concerns then I go on TV and speak about the president I can do a better job as Speaker of the House being more effective and in getting things done moving pallets in the right direction by having a good conversation with a present I talked to him almost everyday and I think it’s far more effective for me to be talking with him directly on matters of concern then the gardenway lawn I’m on TV and trying to get some ratings the moment that to me is it’s not nearly as effective as actually working with the president to get good things done and by the way we have got all good things done agenda on on closing the skills Gap closing the opportunity Gap all the infrastructure bills removing to Congress now improve people’s lives and make the country in the world better it’s far better to have those results than try and score some critical point on TV so is the Republican Party better off as you prepare to leave office than it was when you took office in 1998 houses look at the governorships look at the fact that way the presidency the Senate and the house of the majority’s and all of those things so high definition from when I came in to Congress 20 years ago we are far better off because we truly are the majority party many different kinds of Republicans many different challenges that are out there are no two ways about it and we live in this 21st century digital environment which frankly I think accelerate polarization in this country that’s something I think we all have more to do to improve upon I asked you this question about the party because the year the Year you came to office 1998 was the year I became a republican no relation it was a time for me where conservatism in and and being Republican felt it was uplifting it was empowering it felt aspirational it felt positive and despite all of these policy win I think a lot of Republicans and conservatives who don’t feel as though it is a positive aspirational uplifting time for the party I just want your thoughts on that insurance I believe in the temperament that is Bluetooth and aspirational that’s the kind of politics I personally believe and it’s what I personally try to practice it’s just that the combination of 21st century technology the combination of ratings the combination of the polarization that’s out there how to draw the tug-of-war in tribalism we have I believe that that has that is produced this polarisation we’ve gotten in this in this country both sides are practicing identity politics today I think it’s really dangerous only it’s right need to do more to try and push this kind of inclusive politics and that’s something that I’ve spent a lot of my time on in the future is it do what I can as a private citizen to try and produce suppose these kinds of aspirational inclusive visions leave me to my final question as you prepare to become a private citizen and what I hope is a professional Deer Hunter while I catch her and Packer fan what will you miss most about what will you miss most about elected office what I miss the least is all the time I spend away from my family wellness the most public service is a beautiful vocation vocation means getting your time in your life to making things better for people and making a positive difference and having a life of meeting that’s how I Define the first half of my career I guess I should say I did this for 20 years in Congress 25 years is a policy maker I will miss most is taking me an idea put it on paper advocating for making a wall and seeing it improve people’s lies so that’s why I’m so eager to see the outcome of opportunity zones that we put in the law that’s why I’m eager to see the outcome of tax reform police reforms we put into law that’s extremely gratifying knowing that you’re pushing it cause you believe in which is going to make a difference in people’s lies and improve the world around you that to me is what I’m going to miss the most
House Speaker Paul Ryan responds to criticism that he hasn’t been tough enough on President Trump.

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