Part 2 of Fox News’ Florida GOP gubernatorial primary debate

tell me why all the debate over children being separated from their parents at the border has reached a fever pitch and Florida is right in the middle of it all Peter Doocy Sunshine State the spotlight because the second-largest temporary shelter hosting border-crossing kids split up from their parents is in Homestead Florida have been busy operation is you boil over there are 760,000 unauthorized immigrants in Florida third most in America we cannot have policies in place that encourage others to undergo the same dangerous Journey that’s happening now because I’ve been Humane Spencer Trump took office ice arrests in Florida are up 76% far outpacing the 30% uptick nationally immigration protecting our borders is is one of the primary things that were all focused on and we we have our military that’s overseas that fought for it but we have to do it right here portion of the population non-latino population which is largely seen immigration Through The Eyes of the administration 1300 miles of Coastline thousands of illegal immigrants are apprehended at the coastal water in this country every year and he can’t keep them out with a wall Martha was reporting right now there are approximately 1,200 migrant children being housed in three detention facilities here in the State of Florida the separations ever have been used by the administration as a deterrent to Illegal immigration or was that a mistake the folks who come illegally if they come with minors they should be reunited with their families but it should be in their home country you should not call me legally we got a lot of things we need to do on the border here and this is a big point of disagreement between commissioner Putnam in me when he was in the Congress he joined with Nancy Pelosi at the only Republican in Florida to vote against allowing military are border to help secure it when he was at commissioner he endorsed the Schumer Obama gang of eight immigration amnesty the biggest amnesty in history it would have lowered wages for American workers and it would have created an incentive to come illegally and when we had a chance in Florida to do e-verify which is the number one thing you can do to shut off the job spigot it would raise wages increase the role of Law and be good for taxpayers heat Twisted arms and the state senate he helped kill it behind the scenes so I appreciate he saying to put Florida first but he didn’t put for the first there he put his big donors who want cheap foreign labor ahead of the interest of our citizens I’ll give you the full time to respond to a full question your opponent and calls you amnesty and for somebody who voted in agricultural food stamps to illegal Florida immigration laws need to be enforced the president is laid out for pillars secure Visa Lottery reform chain migration and bring a permanent resolution to the doctor children Washington yet again as recently as this week Washington yet again the president down by not passing us a fix the immigration and I here in Florida are 21 million Floridians are paying a hundred million dollars year the Feed close and how’s criminal illegal aliens in our prison system Morse me Ron your Sheriff has endorsed me and I’m excited about 45 Sheriff’s who have endorsed me because they both of our records and they know who is best for securing our borders and keeping so rich safe he didn’t he didn’t refute any of the credits in cuz they’re true and the fact of the matter is if I’m Governor I will work hard and I will sign e-verify in the law here in the State of Florida he won’t do that because the big egg donor that find his camp want that cheap foreign labor that lowers wages for Floridians it’s bad for the rule of law wrong I voted against voted Farmville that had Obama’s food stamp program how to fight that was a terrible bill I was right to vote no on that so what he saying is not true the criticisms of him he is weak On the Border he’s been week on illegal immigration and he supported Obama Schumer gang of eight immigration amnesty which is a terrible piece of legislation former Florida Governor Jeb Bush for president 2016 many people thought apart the reason he lost was because of the immigration issue do you still think he was right and so do I yes I am proud of what he did for our state he was focused on Florida I am focused on Florida my secure Florida first plan will reinstate the relationship with ice that will be under the Obama Administration so that they will be detained and deported by the feds and not on Florida taxpayers dime I am supported by the law enforcement PBA 45 sheriffs because they seen both records and endorsed me to be the next Governor to keep Floridians agenda of Florida should be focused thank you breaking news yet another deadly shooting as we mentioned in our nation this afternoon Today’s tragedy brings us to another hotly-debated issue that’s left deep scars here in
Adam Putnam and Ron DeSantis debate federal immigration reform and the separation of migrant families at the border.

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