Opinion | Justice Kennedy, I am bereft

I am draft thinking about what this is going to do to the future of the cord and what fight over the confirmation of his successor is going to do to the country Justice Kennedy is not just any super or Justice make no mistake Anthony Kennedy is was a conservative Justice he was a conservative force on the Supreme Court but it’s especially as the membership of the Court shifted to the right he was and has been for years be sweating Justice on a closely divided court and that makes his departure Monumental in terms of gay rights of abortion-rights Free Speech religious liberty affirmative-action voting rights the most divisive issues in America that the court for better or worse is right in the middle of one of the reasons that I know it really matters is that I covered Kennedy’s confirmation hearings confirmation hearings came after yet another swing Justice retired Justice Lewis Powell and President Reagan’s initial choice for that position was Joe for you’ve heard of him because you know the verb to be bork bork who was a judge on the DC appeals court here was defeated because his views were so extreme on a variety of legal issues and it was a very hard-fought and very ugly at X battle but from my point of view it was the right battle with the correct outcome because instead of getting a divisive figure on the court Justice Kennedy for three decades three decades of conservatism conservatism that I disagreed without a whole host of issues but we got three decades none-the-less of thoughtful conservatism instead of need your conservatism it’s what we need now and it’s what we deserve now I wish I could have a little bit more confident that it’s what we’re going to get now

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