Ocasio-Cortez: When you know your community, it gives you an edge to win

and I’ll find out Alexandria ocasio-cortez so I mean I was saying to you before whatever people think of your politics at your tenacity and passion or something everyone should be excited about you think about this when you say this is it just shows money isn’t everything money is important in running a lot of races and his quickly it’s been a major predictor and who does win a race but you know if you really understand your community if you really know how to navigate things and I confirm the background as an educator and as an organizer when you really know what community I think that can give you a good enough Edge to Twin so now your platform obviously you when you are organizer in part at one point you organizing for Bernie Sanders then you started running yourself your plans include abolishing I season was going through some of these are Universal Health Care as you home guarantee of a job for people who want one free college tuition do you think even your Democratic colleagues will support that platform Congress regarding the abolishment of ice leading Democratic leaders that Kamala Harris and even folks like Camilla jayapaul have already discussed this issue we have a very large amount of co-sponsors on the Medicare for all legislation aerococcus so I do think that a lot of this legislation points to the America that we want to put to have and I think that there’s a willingness to to work on these issues and gets closer to that point so how are you going to learn you need to know you don’t have a lot of time to the presumption is you’re heading down there so what do you do now to learn everything you need to do to sponsor legislation to write the bills to actually take these ideas put them somewhere that in Congress has been a freshman at some point and so I’m confident in my ability to to navigate and learn these ropes I feel very very welcome by by many of the democratic incumbents right now phone calls from from senators and carne incumbents welcoming me to to the delegation to the party and so I feel very embraced by many of these individuals and I feel like we’ll be able to make it work okay so the individuals who are going to make your life more difficult on the Democrat and Republican Republican okay he says your win is indicative of the direction of the democratic party at the whole implying that it is going all the way to socialism. stunning development the energy and the Democratic party is self about socialist open-borders election problem for them in a number of place and a real drag on a party in terms of appealing to American voters who I don’t think I want us to turn into a European socialist country no no I act so many people across the country are inspired by this win and inspired about this race because of what it represents represents the last ability it represents a potential future identify themselves so you know you have Bernie Sanders that carried very strongly in the Midwest and really this is not about labels this is not about left vs right divisiveness this about top and bottom it’s about speaking about health care education housing wages for working class Americans Criminal Justice Reform and more and people listen to that message and you can’t scare people you know with with the label you know you could say that the president isn’t authoritarian hypercap what does that mean and I when we talked about the issues at as long as we can build consensus from the issues nothing else really matters so Nancy Pelosi has said some good things to do but also applying okay that’s great but just one little place it’s just nothing to worry about everything you see here here she is so let’s yeah well you know I think that were in the middle of a movement in this country I feel this movement that wasn’t going to happen from the bottom up the movement is going to come from voters there a lot of really exciting races with extremely similar Dynamics is mine not just want this pic you look like you look at Ayanna Pressley out in Massachusetts same exact same exact situation so so here’s the thing though Nancy Pelosi 78 you are we can do the math okay 79 Jim clyburn’s 7700k it’s going to stay that way cuz I’m like Nancy Pelosi about her as a human being when it comes to Congress is it time for New Blood younger blood that we do need to elect a generation of new people to Congress on both parties you know I think that some of the issues that we even have today it was some of the calcified structures and relationship in certain states where it’s appropriate I think that a new Leaf can actually mean a lot of opportunity for the party and and our future for the problem right you have a lot of people who are a different generation than the people they represent Bernie Sanders obviously we work for him he was not specifically to response to your comment and I just want to play for you what he said to be calling for his impeachment second of all we have the Mueller investigation which is ongoing and I think it would be for my perspective jumping the gun he seem as a mentor I am so willing and open you know what we do is we build consensus and that is what governance is all about you know I may have a certain opinion though I think that said the presidents has more than enough action you know you look at what the Republicans voted on impeachment with Bill Clinton and it seems like you know as we always do as we say in the Bronx compared to this current Administration absolutely to work with you no work with on coming tonight ministration I am a new in freshman member of Congress and I look forward to building those relationships and I didn’t they still getting things done so after losing last night what we played briefly Basin play the end of his peace Congressman Crowley have to imagine here’s again what he did that make you feel emotional just watching it at the handle that moment with such Grace and I mean I I have a profound amount of respect I do have a what amount of respect for the service that he’s had for community and you know I just think it was beautiful and I look forward to building that relationship as well have you talked to him cuz he key obviously could be a social person. we’ve been trying to get in contact with a constituent and how you how do you find your your Congress in personal cell phone number or looking for it but we’ve been reaching out and I greatly look forward to having that conversation don’t have a cell phone number yet working on it or working on it alright well I’m sure I’m sure he will take the call and your line is probably been busy through thank you so much I appreciate it with her or disagree with her eye is it inspired by the fact that you can come from behind and from nowhere in this country and still going to public service

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