Ocasio-Cortez: I’m upset by Trump’s disrespect

28 year old political newcomer emerges as a star after pulling off a stunning upset over 10 term in Congress Congressman Congressman Joe Crowley hearing you or her win coffee attention of President Trump biggest critics of slovenly man named Joe Crowley got his ass kicked by a young woman who had a lot of energy Kartel thank you so much for joining us I think president Trump was praising you there your reaction I mean first of all it is unacceptable Congressman Crowley he’s done some phenomenal phenomenal work for the Bronx and queens and so my first and foremost and saddened and upset at the disrespect that he that he my predecessor and I mean it’s bizarre to say the least since we have you in since you are now a new Force within the Democratic party I do want to get your take on the news of the day look at Major news of the day just Anthony Kennedy is retiring the present will get to nominate a new pick for the Supreme Court by all accounts will be a Coors Light pic that will move the cord to the right there is very little that the Democrats can do anything pissed off this but what is your advice to your fellow Democrat how do you want to see Democrats react to this over the next several months after all the Republican party I think has shown throughout the Obama presidency if the extent to which that they would go to be obstructionist and while I don’t believe that we should be halting progress in this country Town police at the party we should be a force for Progress at the same time you know that they stole the first supreme court seat and for us to take that sitting down in this time especially when there are so many critical decisions you know pending talking about Labor rights on the line civil rights women’s rights at cetera at the very least that we can do I think his delay that damage legislatively once again we have to provide we have to create a lot of pressure I myself come from the background as an organizer and in order for us to get things done in Congress especially I feel like we need to organize inside and outside the chamber and if we only work inside the chamber then we aren’t going to get too much done we have to work in conjunction organize popular support to push our priorities in the chain and that’s really how we’re going to get our agenda and our priorities, there are Democratic senators there could be as well as if your Democrats from the progressive Wing should have banned in these people mean and I think that that is a day that word abandon does it mean to support primary Challengers because it means to you no refuse to work with them and I don’t think that we should ever just say we’re not going to work with with members of out within our own party once there in our party and in our chamber but I also think that we can apply pressure we should be applying pressure to to some of those individuals that maybe frankly I think putting some of someone’s people’s most basic rice and in jeopardy day that will have to deal with Supreme Court vacancy existed their commented on you and some of your positions as a bit of a white shirt the leader the energy and the Democratic party is self about socialist open borders problem for them in a number of places and a real Dragon the party in terms of appealing to American voters who I don’t think I want us to turn into a European socialist country see how Republicans will bring that up with your response the vast majority of American people believe in improved and expanded Medicare for all leave that we should have public college and trade school they believe that we should Elevate the minimum wage and you know I think it’s easy for Republicans to start yelling out labels in order to be divisive and insight fear but at the end of the day I believe that our legislative priorities are completely in line and reflective with the majority of Americans they are and I understand why they want to use fear tactics and I understand why they’re scared of me because I represent to change to their status wow some of these I think a real threat the Republican Party eliminating ice for instance and president Trump came after you directly on that enough time to play the sound there but he noted that there are Democrats who won may I see says this would put people at risk you don’t deny that you like to see ice go add an immigration system before then ice was established with the Patriot Act with the Iraq war with a 1/2 with DHS and we look at all of that legislation now as a mistake and I think now we’re starting to realize that’s sweet of legislation has a structure that allows for civil rights and human rights abuses and you know it may seem like a radical position but I actually think it’s very very common sense mean we should not be separating children from their families we should not be detaining people and violating a no one’s right to due process thank you so much for being with us this morning look forward to speaking with you again in the future maybe for men based on what could be your new see coming up thank you
Democratic primary winner for New York’s 14th district Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reacts to President Trump’s remarks on her win.

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