Obama: “You are right to be concerned” by current state of country

a local matters former president Barack Obama is in California this week meeting with Democratic voters ahead of this year’s midterm elections add an off-camera events in Beverly Hills last night the 44th President address the current state of the country reportedly telling donors you are right to be concerned he also went on to say that he does have some regrets from his presidency so joining me now is Marissa largoza she covers California politics and government for the public station KQED News in San Francisco about what the president had to say but who is President Obama’s former senior advisor he and Communications what is he suggesting the Democrats have to do to get ready for these midterms and to win back some seats what was crazy because I spoke with him Tuesday and of course things have changed dramatically since then around things like this in court and others but I think the message that we’re hearing from Obama and the people around him are the same which is that you know really turn out is what’s important to Democrats that they need to really get their base excited and try to get some of those voters back that you maybe you voted for Obama in 2012 but went to Trump or didn’t vote at all in 2016 and so you know I think that they are concerned I think that there is some energy that we’re staying coming out of the left-wing of the party that they’re home harnessed but I think a lot of it really is just about getting voters to the polls if you look at it the die-hard Trump face isn’t going anywhere it doesn’t matter what happens in DC or on the border and so Democrats I think we really need to focus on the people that they know agree with them but maybe weren’t excited in 2016 to get out to the polls is like saying how you would a basketball game balls the conversation around how the Democrats were doing has been about whether or not they’re just going to hope that people are so outraged by President Donald Trump it somehow they show up at the poles or they’ll have a distinctive message to bring people go out anything about that when you talk to people who actually run these campaigns are on the ground that they say is yes we can talk about Trump and and Dan Pfeiffer did discuss this exactly he said we need to say what do you know if if we think what Trump is doing at the border is illegal or immoral we need to say that but we also need to add to the end of that sentence but we also need to protect Healthcare we also need to protect the environment like they need to be speaking about the news of the day but they also need to be careful to not let him lead every conversation and so I think that’s part of it I think it’s also just a matter of look it’s a huge country you go to run the right person in your district and really when it comes down to exciting voters there might be some people who are coming out just to vote against Trump but people react better to a positive message then a negative one and so I think what they’re looking at is trying to get candidates in these districts that speak to the individual constituents in those areas I’ve been seeing over and over again that all politics is local and you have to be a good local politician first and foremost did he mention what roll former president Barack Obama might play So Silent over the last couple years and I think that he did indicate that he expects to see the former president out there where he thinks he’s needed Dan Pfeiffer told me it was look the president knows that if he comes out and reacts to everything he’s just going to be piling on and that’s not going to do what they need to do again which is excited people sort of beyond the the faithful who go to the polls every time so I would expect to see Obama make appearances of course of these high-profile fundraisers funny but also is Pacific districts where he thinks that him showing up will actually help excite Democrats I don’t think we’re going to see him doing all the Sunday shows every week except for example but I do think we’re going to see a little bit more President Obama in the coming months these fundraisers eyemaster Obama never actually said the president’s name during the fundraiser but he did talk at length about the problems that he sees with the Trump presidency what were some of his concerns every Democrat around immigration around the Supreme Court of course this week is the big one and I think we’ll expect to hear more of that you know today he’s in California coming up to my neck of the woods the Bay Area will be appearing with I already leader Nancy Pelosi congresswoman Anna eshoo at a another I’m sure millionaire billionaire his house and I think he’ll continue to talk about what he sees is really some of the changes from his AMC and you know getting people in Congress who can really stand up to this President as they see that they need to harnessing some of the energy coming from the more left-wing of the party earlier this week we saw a twenty-eight-year-old democratic socialists never ran for anything in her life unseat a number for the number for Top Democrat in the house when we heard about this we were hearing that worse they did not expect this is the DNC addressing this ahead of the midterms a very fine line between of course embracing Alexandria Cascio Cortez who will likely be a new member of their caucus and you know trying to protect their power quite frankly this was a surprise for them I don’t know that should have been I mean I don’t think you’ll see she was a Bernie organizer she took a lot of the lessons from that campaign we’re not going to see this in purple or red States but I do think that it speaks to the energy on the left like of the party similar to what we saw you know 10 years ago with the tea party and the Republicans and I think it speaks to the facts that leaders like Nancy Pelosi are going to potentially see a challenge I mean like if they win in November I think it’s a lot safer that plus he could keep her but if Democrats lose I mean I think we’ll see an entire upending of the democratic caucus in Congress right former president Obama is a speaking today at two events in California can you tell us any more about the events just that they will be closed but they will be very expensive seats and as I said before I know that Nancy Pelosi and Anna eshoo will be one of them this is a fundraiser for the Deep Purple stay which is the Congressional committee I hope a little bit more about the seven seats in California that Democrats are hoping to flip from red to blue those again or all very different districts and so I think it’ll be interesting to see how they try to come in from a national active and help those individual I candidates because you know if your on the coast in Orange County it’s a very different conversation than if you’re in the Central Valley surrounded by far lands right Maurice alagos thank you very much thank you
Former President Barack Obama is in California this week meeting with Democratic donors ahead of this year’s midterm elections. Marisa Lagos, who covers politics and government for the public broadcasting station KQED in San Francisco, joined CBSN with more on what he had to say.

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