Obama gives Democrats tough love: ‘Enough moping’

former president Barack Obama has a message for Democrats stop moping here was part of his comments at the DNC fundraiser last night if you are one of these folks who was watching cable news at your cocktail parties with your friends and you were saying civil patient is collapsing and you are nervous and worried but that is not where you were putting all your time energy and money then either you don’t actually think civilization is collapsing or you’re not pushing yourself hard enough and I would push harder he went on to say he shouldn’t expect objects to be entertaining all the time sometimes you’re just in a church basement making phone calls and eating cold pizza I mean bringing van Jones CNN political commentator and host probably well just because we need that I think it was and I was much more prepared for Trump to win then for Kennedy to resign that’s the a much bigger deal guy you win presidential elections in midterms whatever but Supreme Court swing boats come around yo what’s my generation do Etc at risk so you need some times for somebody like Barack Obama President Obama to come forward and remind people listen this is not bean bag sitting around here in fanning ourselves and end in Vikings that’s not work it wouldn’t Obama ran and won in 2008 2012 was working people were doing phone back see if we’re going to swing state people are raising money I haven’t seen any of that I haven’t seen it since I see is smart stuff is not is not registering voters it’s not the hard work and so he’s got the credibility like nobody else to remind people do you know what it means to actually fight for what you believe in not complain not be upset but to put in that hard work and we said the cold pizza a lot of people had started nodding because you never when he ran this ongoing border situation with family is being separated and now not being reunited as quickly as like what was expected and Hillary Clinton is commenting on this situation saying her worst fears about the Trump Administration are coming true telling the guardian that the question of how we reunite the children who were taken from the parents as one keeping me up at night is no one that’s keeping me up at night is that the one keeping you up and and it was time to fix it she would get it fixed I don’t think anybody thinks that she somebody wouldn’t I pull together an interagency process appointed somebody be responsible to get this thing done giving them a deadline in May thing happened she Democrats and Republicans gave her Marquette State Department except for Benghazi Hillary Clinton when she was a single human being in the entire federal government with the responsibilities these kids back so that means it’s not going to happen or you got to have somebody with authority and a time line and and direct line to the president to get it done if Hillary Clinton was President and something like this happen I guarantee you those basic steps would be in place they are not in place the only one staying up late night worried about wait we just don’t know but I also want to ask you about this interview you have because we have the van Jones Show also going to air this weekend on Sunday night at 7 you talked with Senator Tim Scott about how to work with President Trump let’s listen to a clip you’ve had this conversation and some countries like this with President Trump how do you judge whether you’re making progress there’s other people think want you to copy the the racial Trump Whisperer in some way you know how those conversations go I just want to understand you know how you see a Donald Trump Oval Office he didn’t change his perspective I certainly can’t change my perspective mines educated by my experience so that helps me but the way closed I thought was gave me reasons to be helpful a close with them I don’t see what you see what can I do to make things better that was a shocking response I was surprised after the conversation that his response was helped me see a better life and my answer is always not for him to speak about issues in a way that he doesn’t necessarily believe before him to actually do something an opportunity zones was the outcome of help me help other people to him and I said support my opportunities on legislation he said he wouldn’t 24 hours later he was that allowed to send it to put it into the tax bill conversation you don’t have enough people in public life like Tim Scott who is a problem solvers Problem Solver he’s not a bomb thrower he’s not bombastic even in the situation with the Donald Trump the White House where you know after Charlottesville in that that that Mastiff Tim Scott was critical he wouldn’t dare he talk to Trump they couldn’t see eye-to-eye but somehow temps got in the middle of all that got Trump to agree to support the opportunity zones which is going to help a lot of poor people so I’m trying to get more do like that hurt I know you are as well you’ll do even in the midst of all this there are good people trying to do good things and is no better person than Washing DC right now the temp Scott
President Barack Obama rebuked some Democrats he says are complaining about the current state of affairs without doing the most they can to change the situation.

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