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stay 526 of the Trump Administration and the president tonight says he will announce his choice for the Supreme Court next month we will have or on the President’s List of nominees just ahead but we begin with the war between the Trump White House and the Department of Justice specifically the president’s own Deputy attorney-general Rod Rosenstein the man overseeing the special counsel Russia the president and his allies in Congress have been hammering Rosenstein over this Mueller and Cory and the house has given the deputy attorney general until July 6th to turn over some sensitive documents related to that investigation somehow Republicans have floated the threat of holding Rosenstein in contempt of congress a potential first step to his possible impeachment if he doesn’t comply with this request this afternoon Trump was asked about that I think the whole thing is going to work out I think that he’ll give what is necessary I really believe it’s going to work out very easily between Rod at between the rest of the group I think they’ll get what they need we should explain these are come recorded by Audio and not video when the president visited reporters in the back of Air Force One flying from Andrews to North Jersey for the weekend you may recall Rosenstein wrote the memo and affect the cover story that the how’s used to justify the firing of former FBI director James Comey here’s what Rosenstein said about that decision call James Comey Michael Schmidt who standing by to join us tonight reports that in the days after the firing Rosenstein’s said quote The Experience damaged his reputation according to four people familiar with his outbursts he alternately defended his involvement Express remorse at the Tamal de Don Lee set the White House had manipulated in fumed how the news media had portrayed the events and said the full story would vindicate him said the people according to one person with whom he spoke shortly after mr. comey’s firing mr. Rosen Stein was chicken unsteady overwhelmed another person in touch with mr. Rosen Stein around that time said he sounded frantic nervous upset and emotionally dysregulated and we do have some other news tonight about this Mueller castigation today the special counsel ask the judge for another delay in the actual sentencing of the former Trump National Security adviser Mike Flynn Flynn’s when working for the feds but this is the third time his sentencing has been put off also for the first time I member of Mueller’s team is speaking out publicly about the investigation into Paul manafort Trump’s one-time campaign chairman an FBI agent testified in Virginia court today that manafort’s Personal Assistant gave him Acts still a storage locker that contain boxes of financial documents Josh Christina political who will join us in a moment reported on another wrinkle that emerge from that FBI agents testimony Associated Press where’s discussed with Federal officials the news outlets investigation of Paul manafort’s finances may have led the FBI to a storage locker the bureau rated so a lot to talk about the panel standing by but first we want to get more the aforementioned Michaels from the aforementioned Michael Schmidt Pulitzer prize-winning Washington correspondent for the New York Times he is with us by telephone Michael Tucker through and 8 day. What was happening in the turnaround from the Comey firing to the Mueller hiring so over the White House to talk about this and a memo call me to Hillary Clinton during the campaign as we were covering the dismissal of Comey people were casting doubt with each word as they read it people on this network and others it was an odd thing to pin the dismissal of comb especially with a very high-profile Russian investigation beginning to intensify over the administration it was learning the Trump ask Comey to end the investigation into Mike you go one more question and that is how does Jeff sessions figure in your story for those who haven’t had a chance to read it yet he was sworn in the beginning of 2017 we’ll decide whether molar can move forward on this subject for the New York Times today we want to turn out of our leadoff panel on a Friday evening the aforementioned Josh gerstein senior White House reporter for Politico Jill wine Banks attorney and former assistant Watergate special counsel and Guy Lewis is back with us former US attorney was work with Mueller Comey and Rosenstein among others while it. J guy it actually like to begin with you and will do so after we replay kind of a collection of the not-so-great hits from the house hearing yesterday and the various ways they came after Rod Rosenstein but we’ve asked for sure I certainly hope that your colleagues are not under that impression that is not accurate we have caught you and my job is to make sure that we respond so Guy Lois and normal times a career prosecutor at the justice department a republican for all we know would enjoy ample air cover from the White House this appears to be whatever the opposite of that is as a former fed yourself how does this guy who you know hang on Braun I got to tell you it was a it was a tough week with question for Rod the hearings were brutal in the sense of you really did have a career Republican former assistant us attorney former loyal us attorney former deputy attorney-general in the tax Vision attack viciously by other Republicans remember of course Ronald Reagan’s old adage of the 11th commandment Publican and of course I threw that that Bobble out the window and they just viciously attacked Rod I did watch the hearing and I think Raj stood up he gave it right back to him he’s a tough guy and I think Rod going to weather the storm I really do all right well thank you for that prediction Jill do you think Rosen Stein is a bigger witness for the prosecution or the defense in this case and what does all that mean for him I think he has done an admirable job in withstanding the attacks on him which have been viciously personal and completely inappropriate its it’s almost unheard of for a Republican senator to attack in the way he was attacked he’s done a wonderful job of keeping his head and answering the questions as best he could even one being cut off and not being allowed to speak I think that he ultimately going to do the right thing and keep this investigation going ass he has unless they continue to attack him and actually fire him and that would lead to a huge public outcry by Republicans and Democrats so I think he’s much more on the prosecution side and in defending Muller and the special prosecution going forward black official right now that that we’ve seen and Josh because you’ve been around awhile when you read about in Mike Schmidt story The the genuine despair that list of modifiers any emotions we used at the top of the broadcast how does that say well I know that a lot of Rosenstein’s friends were mystified by the situation that he found himself in in May of last year he’s a veteran bureaucratic operator in the Justice Department on nearly three decades so this is not some wet behind the ears are unfamiliar with the interaction between the White House and the justice department and how to manage it and this situation and some others thought he had made some kind of deal that it was some effort to ingratiate himself by writing this letter for the White House and to ingratiate himself with the new White House for reasons that are not entirely clear and now take it at in part as a result of that that one week or so in may he finds himself really in a Faustian bargain hear that that has caused all this trouble between him and Republicans on Capitol Hill NBC on YouTube if you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos
In a new report, The New York Times details the strife between Pres. Trump and Dep. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that developed after Trump fired James Comey. Michael Schmidt, Josh Gerstein, Jill Wine-Banks, & Guy Lewis join to discuss.
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NYT: Rod Rosenstein Felt Used By President Donald Trump After Comey Firing | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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