Nunes tightens screws in his probe into surveillance abuses

house Intel chair Devin Nunez is tightening the screws in his investigation into alleged surveillance of uses of the Trump campaign the congressman is now referring the names of 17 current and Summer Justice department and FBI officials to the heads of the house oversight inter-district committees for interviews just hours ago he added 10 more names to the list this time former Obama State Department employees exclusively is Congressman it’s great to see you now I know people watching across the country to get ready Fourth of July wants more information it’s like you’re always complaining about well first of all I want to make sure the American people know that this is just the one more step in the process I think we’ve been very transparent about how we conducted this process we went on two fives abuse and other matters I’ve said for a long time that we’re looking state department when we began looking at the state department you have Victoria nuland and a few other people who decided to go out and talk about things publicly which actually helped our investigation out quite a bit the reason why is because we still don’t understand how this investigation was actually opened but we know that many people in the obama-era state department were involved in the opening of that investigation so it all comes down to how did the information make it from Rosalie an Australian High Commissioner ambassador to the FBI so we know that that didn’t come through what I would call five eyes intelligence it wasn’t real intelligent product it somehow short-circuited that process we also know that many people in the state department were meeting with Christopher Steele Christopher Steele is the person who was hired by the Democrats to dig up dirt on President Trump so this is why this investigation is taking a while but we are the good thing is I believe the chairman Gathering goodlatte other task force will interview these people and they will interview them in public so it will be the first time during this entire investigation that the American people get to see actual questions get answered to potential Witnesses State Department apartment be involved with the Christopher Steele dossier issue again the MI6 worked as an agent and sources and woman Elizabeth Dibble be on your list who was I think what she did the state department seems like someone you might be looking at for one of the correct but two two parallel tracks near London episode somehow information made it from the Australian government to the to the FBI we believe that went through London and somehow went to the Obama just Obama State Department that then ended up in the justice department so that’s one track II track is Christopher Steele what on Earth was Christopher still doing meeting with State Department of why was the Steele dossier that supposedly the FBI was trying to get their hands on why was it also going through the state department so lot of people including many people in the media Papa still. See and this is really a collapsible we’re having to do here is as as the legislative branch of government part of it taking so long typically you would have us a free and fair and transfer media trying to get to the truth but in this case we haven’t had that months ago he said he’s been unfairly targeted by you in the statement that he made that he was one of the people that was looking at the still information and was conveying that information in some form or fashion to the FBI so look we want to interview these folks compel that they were paid by the American taxpayer access the document this is much different these are all American citizens are they will if they do not agree to appear under oath and testify then they will be subpoenaed that I can tell you for sure reaction to something Adam Schiff Congressman Schiff ranking Democrat on your committee said about you and your colleagues last week on CNN Devin Nunez and Trey Gowdy a mark Meadows and Jim Jordan they have been leading the charge basically to require the justice department to give them materials that can be leaked or fat or misrepresented like the infamous Nunez memorandum the president and in the meantime they do enormous damage to these institutions be held accountable does it have all this blood on their hand they’re the ones who have completely destroyed the FBI and doj how did they do that they did that by digging up dirt the Clinton campaign put it into. CA set it into the behind the FBI use our Counter Intelligence capabilities against a political campaign that’s what happened here so the Democrats in the house and the Senate they continue to want to hop you skate they continue to want to cover up if it would if it was we would never even found out that the Democrats and Hillary Clinton paid Christopher Steele to generate this dirt on President Trump so I tend to ignore everything that they say we continue to do our work day in and day out to get to the truth and gradually we’re getting his but I believe as these hearings take place and testimony is given to the Congress I think it will be a much-needed sunlight in this investigation I think the American people being Vin to see who’s telling the truth and who’s not telling the truth we all want an open session I mean this closed session deal and somehow mysteriously we here kind of little bits and pieces about what happened what happened behind closed doors with someone like a Victoria nuland other Obama State Department people and maybe even that Joseph Pitts who interviewed Michael Flynn he’s sources tell me he could potential whistleblower to tell what what he actually understood in that interview mainly for reporting it might over to the Judiciary oversight committee because they are and they should be able to do all of these hearings in the public full transparency so that people can watch on live television is my recommendation to the to the committee chairman I believe they will follow that recommendation and they may have other name so far we sent them the 17 plus the tenant 27 names who sent them we will be sending them more names here later this week thank you so much for joining us tonight we really appreciate it
Nunes referring 17 current and former DOJ and FBI officials to heads of House Judiciary Committee. Republican congressman from California speaks out on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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