‘Not Bad Guys’ – US Teens Playing Border Patrol – BBC News

Living On the Border I had some idea on the border patrol because we see them out there Sports up for not bad guys were here to help the community and we want to see the community grow my turn the program because I saw that it has a really good opportunity to learn discipline learn something that I would like to do in my future career interest HSN Workshop but exploring the hospital possibly going to law enforcement and they want to know this is something to do in the long run it’s policy letting border security agent separate the children of immigrants without the risk of falling map of Narcotics for alien smuggling supportive of it in India and its really we know what we’re doing we know they were doing the right thing especially if I do it he has to do it it’s not just physical or mental we’re doing something difficult maybe your body could handle it when your mind feel like when is this going to end that’s the most hard part because your mind is not as strong as your body don’t like guys have been here in long enough to each other very driven it done before they help each other out there very comfortable themselves I would think that most of their day On the Border Patrol they spent this waiting waiting around to catch people and what once I actually entered the program I noticed that they did a lot more than just waiting and that their job was a lot harder than it seems you really have to learn how to speak to people how to project yourself it’s called officer presence because usually just by talking to someone you can diffuse a situation that could other bolitho don’t say that mostly tagged bring your house I want to be an agent because I want to make a change in the world I feel like this way I can really do it

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