North Korea reportedly upgrading ballistic missile facility

president Trump claiming North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat us intelligence is saying something different according to a new report North Korea is actually expanding its ballistic missile capabilities satellite imagery from North Korea show some upgrading a solid-fuel ballistic missile facility such missiles can be launched on a moment’s notice of this comes after president Trump met with North Korean leader Kim jeong-hoon at a summit in Singapore last month and everything Korea is Shannon Cobra she’s a reporter for axios that Shannon welcome capabilities it’s definitely not a good sign of good faith from North Korea that they’re on the way to new company nuclearization North that had a different report report showing that there was continued develop in some of the nuclear materials at a facility I said that doesn’t necessarily show I thought they’re not going to do Clear Eyes in the future because no orders have come from Pyongyang in effect saying hey stop that but it’s definitely not a sign of good faith from North Korea telling us that they’re on the way to the user ization at this point so how can we don’t imagine that this will affect denuclearisation negotiations going forward immediately in North Korea has in the past pushed for kind of a phase-in of Virginia graduation to go step-by-step and it looks like we might be moving more towards. Nothing has necessarily come from North Korea that shows us a good-faith effort that they’re going to denuclearize but as a officials told me that conversations are just getting going and Singapore was just the first step in a long process security advisor Don boleton was on Face the Nation on Sunday here’s what he had to say about negotiations with North Korea very well aware of North Korea’s patterns of behavior over Decades of negotiating with the United States that we know exactly what the risks are of them using to go see a shins to drag out make the time they have to continue their nuclear chemical biological weapons programs and ballistic missiles we do know that North Korea in the past has come to the table to talk about the nuclear radiation and any efforts have to take into account that they are probably going to try and move past and avoid verification or jeans or inspection machines and that’s worth the part before Virginia graduation. Something Administration has to be aware of moving forward and in terms of whether that’s going to come up there conversations about Kim Jong and then president Trump meeting again this fall at the UN General Assembly meeting as actually reported today so possible that their conversations are continuing about How likely it is North Korea does in fact nuclear I know that was my next question to you cuz you just mentioned as you guys are reporting president Trump may meet with Kim Jeong Hoon in the in September during the UN General Assembly do you still think this is likely and will there be any preconditions now that we know this is probably only see some progress or North Korea and as we know and as the White House have confirmed today Secretary of State Mike Pompeii was headed to Pyongyang at the end of this week for a third meeting there and it’ll be the first since Trump’s meeting in Singapore with conjoining so after that I’ll have to see if there’s any movement there but definitely some progress would be ideal for the administration before they have that second meeting with Trump and Kim John in for sure alright. Shannon Barbara thank you so much thank you for having me
New satellite imagery shows North Korea expanding and improving a solid-fuel ballistic missile production factory according to researchers. This comes as U.S. intelligence says North Korea is unlikely to willing give up its nuclear weapons. Axios reporter Shannon Vavra joins CBSN with more.

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