No U.S. ally safe from Trump’s criticism at NATO summit

it’s an unfair burden on United States breakfast wasn’t even serve with NATO and you want protection against or from the group if you want to text when we stand together also and we are stronger I think what we have seen it. so don’t be fooled by the photo-op grins the military Alliance is not one big happy family right now Trump has been demanding all countries fulfill their pledge and spend more on defense and not 5 years from now immediately who we are as Canadians Canada and Iraq today but not new spending I need to know Justin Trudeau signed a joint declaration today committing Tomatoes Financial targets he also says Canada won’t meet them we don’t think about you know who’s who’s doing more who’s doing left we will do what we can and what we feel is right then Trump decided to up the pressure behind closed doors he told leaders they should double their military spending goals to 4% of each country’s economic output discussions there are challenges but wouldn’t bite on Trump suggests we have agreed that to be committed to the increase in defense spending to 2% and let’s talk to that Angela Merkel must think going from there the Germany is far as I’m concerned his captive to Russia because it’s getting so much of its energy from Russia to a few hours later this they made tremendous they give it to Linda successor Merkel said she hope they could cooperate in the future that remains to be seen met today as well why does that matter with Justin Trudeau said that he was looking forward to this conversation with Donald Trump which might come as a bit of a surprise when you consider that the last time these two spoke afterwards the US president tweeted that Trudeau was very weak and dishonest and that was inspired by a dispute about trade and it was trade that they discussed today according to the prime minister’s office now this is a meeting on the sidelines of the summit not a formal sit-down we understand they just got NAFTA how the newly-elected Mexican president might change the dynamic and Canadian official say it was a good conversation which suggests no name calling all right I’m calling and Brussels tonight
No U.S. ally has been safe from President Donald Trump’s criticisms at the latest NATO summit. That includes Canada and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who met with Trump for the first time since the G7 summit in Quebec last month.

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