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NBC News exclusive on the efforts by North Korea to keep the program alive could you do it and Define d off the inspiring story of a young man whose overcome kidnapping and torture now running toward a brighter future this is NBC Nightly News with diaz-balart good evening in communities across the country mobilize today for migrant family protesting president Trump policy that separated children from their loved ones tonight more 2000 of those children remain in detention center in a country that’s not their own far from their parents the White House mostly silent on the issue today or owns the Patterson is in Los Angeles where organizer say more than 50,000 people to the streets tonight Adam and for Action hundreds of thousands protest from coast to coast under one message families Belong Together from New York to Chicago to San Francisco activists calling for the Trump Administration to swiftly reunite roughly 2000 migrant children still it from their family after illegally crossing the border Miranda headlining the rally just outside of the White House country separating children from their families and if you are silent on that issue or if you are some help for that issue you’re not getting reelected Trump tweeting today when people come into our country illegally we must immediately escort them back out without going through years of illegal maneuvering he also encourage a law enforcement carrying out his immigration policy writing you are doing a fantastic job of keeping us eradicating the worst criminal elements do you think those children will be reunited with their parents in a timely matter this week a federal judge in California border the separated children back within 30 days Customs officials say about 500 have been reunited 40 miles from a Detention Center on the Texas border Adriana shiveria says it’s personal United but Today Show many made sure that the call for answers will be heard the plan now is to carry some of this momentum Ford one of the biggest it’s like this when it really counts like at The Ballot Box in November I was actually Patterson in Los Angeles thank you see news exclusive new concerns tonight about nuclear program weeks after president Trump’s historic Summit with Kim Jeong hoon and the president no longer pose a threat he was a remarkable moment the leaders of the US and North Korea standing shoulder-to-shoulder pledging to denuclearize the Korean peninsula historic Summit North Korea appears to be pushing ahead with its nuclear program there’s no evidence that they are decreasing stockpiles or that they stopped their production what’s clear is that the US believe in fact they are being deceptive about the actual size of their program nuclear Arsenal and concealing it appears to contradict president Trump’s views nuclear threat the north did stop missile a nuclear test and said it would destroy an engine testing site but just days ago satellite imagery wrap it up right analyst say it’s not unexpected that North Korea has an active nuclear program or covert sites but that intelligence officials would reveal it the intelligence assessment and how it may affect what president Trump is called a special bond ABC News Beijing is Reese from coast to coast and millions experiencing near triple-digit temperatures as we head into a long holiday week this summer scorcher may be sticking around and she’s like McCoy’s among the many trying to beat the Heat filtering summer heat the Midwest for days in Chicago it feels like 107° the Department of Transportation had to water down the Michigan Avenue Bridge so we could open and closed for passing boats in New York and New Jersey cooling centers were open through the weekend family and don’t forget your pets will usually take her out early in the morning and then later in the evening and constantly giving her fluids 7 million Americans are traveling this Fourth of July the highest number since tracking that New York’s famous Coney Island it’s not just the dogs that are hot it turns out the toughest game on the boardwalk is staying cool cuz I see help them sure tomorrow is going to be even hotter get this behind temperature in New York City is going to be a bug 90° for 5 days in a row that would be the longest Heatwave in 2 years good evening is exceptionally hot it’s not just the warm temperatures if the humidity the heat index will feel like it’s above 90° for 225 million people on Sunday 95 million people will be feeling like 100° on Monday it’s zags out of the Northeast a little bit but still 70 million people it will feel like it’s over 100 degrees and we’re talkin way over 100 degrees what city will feel like 109 Charlotte will feel like 98 Memphis will feel like 105 on Monday and going into next week it’s still stays very hot in Washington DC it’ll feel like 106 on Monday will feel like 1 or 3 on Monday still feeling like 99 by the 4th of with this system no a cold front moving to the east combined with the heat and humidity we also have to watch out for some strong storms especially in the Chicago area by Sunday evening dry conditions are helping the fuel wildfires across other parts of the country hundreds of homes have been evacuated in Colorado or one fire is already scorched more than 23,000 Acres who’s in Utah are working to contain multiple fires Wine Country face is Red Flag Warning is deadline-day for thousands of people left homeless when brutal hurricane devastated the US Mainland and Puerto Rico last year FEMA is ending the program survivors and now the big question so many of them is what’s next NBC’s Maya Rodriguez reports ago it’s 155 mile per hour winds ripped through homes and lives David and his family are some of the thousands of Puerto Rican left with nothing who fled to the US Mainland After the Storm they found a temporary home at a motel and Suburban Orlando 5 FEMA today in a statement Graham was quote a temporary solution that Bridges survivors into more permanent options permanent options tough to find in Florida’s tight rental market after multiple extensions hurricane Maria survivors have two options find their own the web or receive a one-way plane ticket back to Puerto Rico this is one of the storage rooms for a food pantry in Central Florida United Way and local churches like Reverend Jose Rodriguez is are trying to help those who want to stay with food and assistance by biggest fear of people on the street United Way recently helped her move into an apartment some days I ain’t know you feel like giving up but I have a 15 year old think about digital media and his family will move into their own apartment this weekend but it’s bittersweet for him but I can’t have concern for the other Puerto Rican families now out of time Maya Rodriguez NBC News Kissimmee Florida it’s got people talking tonight twelve-year-old Reggie field is an Ohio boy with his own lawn mowing business last week during one of his jobs and neighbor called the police when he kind of small part of her grass by accident Reggie’s customer came defense in the Facebook video and started a GoFundMe page that has now raised more than $10,000 still have the product we rely on for so many of our good but could you lie but just seconds after launch the rocket left Spectators done it so you want you can’t look around your room right now the big part of our lives but also a major source of pollution starting tonight we’re highlighting the Urgent steps some are taking and hopes up protecting our planet here is NBC’s rehema Ellis gets in Lynnfield and waterways floating islands of plastic garbage are creating a disturbing reality for wildlife who often mistaken for food but it wasn’t always this way laughing 1900 + tic was considered a miracle products first used by the military and so many of the things we use from medical devices to computer components and while most of it can be recycled 90% is not and some Plastic Products can take centuries to disintegrate environmentally-safe the situation is dire everybody needs to wake up and we need to do something about this we can stem the tide and turn off faucet of this stuff coming into the ocean and coming into our environment will many cities across the globe are moving to bend some Plastic Products it’s a daunting task Americans use 100 billion plastic bags a year worldwide 1 million plastic bottles are bought every minute 8 million pieces of plastic end up in the ocean every day the Plastics industry says better consumer recycling is key while there’s plastic or other type of material it’s not you know the material itself it’s Howard disposing of those things run somewhere outside of Chicago they get milk in glass bottles fruits and vegetables packed in boxes text Mom Emily did it come just naturally. No I think it’s a process I think it’s all about taking little stuff and you eliminate one thing at a time good job canvas shopping bags wooden utensils metal water bottles shopping Emily steers clear of classic unless it has an important code types of plastic the kids are all in school ABC News Oak Park Illinois all the broadcast single-use plastic straws we’re back in a moment with the painstaking efforts to free a little puppy that got down a very few. just seconds after lifting off a commercial rocket can’t crack your back down to her though no one was injured in the test on the Japanese start up behind the unmanned Rocket says it’s looking into a possible glitch in the main engine the company II launch attempt after a similar results last year the fiery flow of lava on Hawaii’s big island is showing no signs of slowing down steady stream going right into the seat Journal so it was formed what’s called a Spyderco Miss reached the height of about 200 ft hundreds of homes have been destroyed since kilauea’s recent increase in activity it took more 30 hours and some sardines the free a tiny puppy that fell down a 50-foot whole seven-week-old Tuffy was in her foster families backyard in Alabama when she fell in coffee is that also partially blind great rescue crews made several attempts before finally coaxing her out early this morning thanks in part to the smell of those tardy to succeed cross country track once beat to the point he couldn’t walk a young man is now running toward a promising future despite setbacks many of us can’t even begin to imagine NBC’s Joe fryer introduced to this this inspiring Ashley to be a great distance Runner it takes patience and persistence qualities that Define a wet Barraki the toughest person I’ve Matt yet and probably will ever meet in the African country Eritrea where white grew up until 12 when he was I’m scared where you when I sold guns the knives I was terrified I download months I think you were going to survive from there I knew chapters wet spend time in a refugee camp but never saw his parents again finally came a chance to come to America ending up at Palmer High School in Colorado Springs how do we pronounce our first we’re here for Teacher Chris Duvall help learn English he has a really big heart I don’t know if it’s despite everything that he’s gone through or if it’s because of the things that he’s gone to anything in any days off how good of a runner is he is amazing and earning a college a lesson never give up keep going think that Joe fryer NBC News Colorado Springs why the drug that helps to curb the craving is so hard to find here in the United States I’m as ready as well reporting from New York thank you for the privilege of your time goodnight play NBC News viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe I clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest you show highlights and digital exclusive thanks for watching
Hundreds of ‘Families Belong Together’ rallies held across the country, millions across the U.S. facing dangerous heat, and North Korea is keeping nuclear program alive, officials say.

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