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tonight the biggest change for the Supreme Court in half-a-century swing dresses Anthony Kennedy announcing his retirement giving president Trump another Cetaphil and conservatives a shot at dominating the highest court for years we will begin our search for a new Justice of the United States Supreme Court that will begin immediately primary upset how a newcomer knocked out a top Democrat and what it means for the critical midterms Xtreme whether the family terrified is a tornado comes right at them and dangerous Heat hijacking false alarm scary moments when police storm an airplane racist rent hey I need some peace and quiet will take you the quietest place in America this is NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt who’s an 81 year old Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy retirement further to the right the wheels are in motion in the battle lines are being drawn tonight just hours after Justice Kennedy the court Howard Justice correspondent Pete Williams begins our coverage Supreme Court in half a century that’s because Kennedy is the most influential Justice casting the deciding vote golden closely divided cases this was Anthony Kennedy because you couldn’t get a major issue decided really without his vote almost without exception if it was a critical ideological hot-button issue it was up to him calling it a respectful and formal notification when Kennedy voted with the four conservative justices the court upheld the Trump travel ban in politics legal rights and limited state in one of his most influential Justice Kennedy would give the court of Solid V vote conservative majority in doubt although he voted for the ban on partial-birth abortion he has consistently supported the basic holding of Roe v Wade a trump nominee would probably opposed it Anthony Kennedy turns 82 next month Bader Ginsburg 885 his retirement Supreme Court did someone who’s comfortable with President Trump and the kind of person the president would nominate to succeed him he had Ivanka and her daughter up here after the inauguration he simply ready to step down return so among the Court’s conservatives only Clarence Thomas’s on record opposing Roe v Wade and even if the other three conservative join him it’s by no means certain the Chief Justice John Roberts would follow them and vote to overturn a press and it’s been on the court for 45 years opposition in the country but about 70% of Americans obviously the dominating the Carpenters retirement but Justice Kennedy did have a final big vote today right big blow to unions that represents pay any fees including for the cost of collective bargaining union membership and influence Leicester and among Democrats that kicked off as a desperate search for ways to gain of voice in the process she’s White House correspondent Hallie Jackson reports on the battle ahead washington-dc Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy and he will be missed and hopefully we’re going to pick somebody who will be as out standings leading judges including Maryland Brett Kavanaugh and Pennsylvania is Thomas Hardiman both widely believed to be on the short list whoever the president picks could reshape the cord for a generation and Donald Trump knows it play war and pieces the most important thing that you could have the presidents Republican battle for the 2016 election refused to hold a vote on then President Obama’s pic but Mitch McConnell today is rejecting that comparison to confirm Justice Kennedy’s successor the razor-thin GOP Senate majority means moderate Republicans have all the leverage for many Trump voters this is exactly why they picked him what enforces the possibility of filling Supreme Court vacancies was their top reason for vote Donald Trump I am looking to appoint judges very much in the mold of Justice Scalia for tonight depending upon where you sit as his announcement suddenly but some of the most issues of the day Association for abortion-rights posted a message be weighed was in danger I think if the Trump Administration gets their way and Rams this Justice through by any means necessary women will Suffer Well evangelicals who has been advocating against abortion since the controversial ruling was made more than 40 years ago see the first wheel opening for their cause and a long time Tory day for the culture of Life Justice Kennedy’s retirement will turbocharge the Evangelical vote for people who feel strongly about issues like abortion same-sex marriage affirmative action just to name a few today’s news is nothing short of a tectonic shift and family which is one man one woman greeted with Jubilation on one hand and outright fear on the other this puts the lgbtq community in in square shot of having a lot of our rights world back the legal defense JCP took to Twitter predicting that a solidly conservative Court would have an enormous impact on civil rights and undermine progress made toward greater racial Justice and equality tonight some Supreme Court experts are calling cities retirement the ultimate rally cry in the crying loud on both sides Stephanie gosk NBC News New York the support a candidate for Senate there is comes after the bombshell result in the Congressional primary here in New York where young Democrats even for Alexandria ocasio-cortez result the 28 year old former bartender and Bernie Sanders organizers still paying off student loans knocking off one of the top house Democrats 10 term incumbent Joe Crowley a possible house speaker and waiting I Nancy Pelosi seat when we really need to do is put aside our differences and make sure that we are charging a productive path forward for this country vs night we’ve got people they’ve got money nail for 5 year old girls that say mommy she looks like me when’s in South Carolina and New York do his parties enthusiasm to unseat a Democratic senator in this reliably red-state but his tough tariff policy has been here uneasy if it’s hold and soybean farmer about 40 days Davidson Apple again today antagonizing the company for now we won’t forget and either with your customers lesser severe storms in the Southeast the hills of a tornado outbreak across five states terrified in Illinois family that recorded as dramatic video of an ef-1 tornado coming embrace yourself or dangerous heat about to hit an incredible 160 million of us starting tomorrow our Al Roker is in St Louis tonight tracking the threat for sale good evening 5° lot of folks going to be feeling that heat tomorrow hundred and sixty million folks will feel like it’s more than 90° 60 million feeling like it’s over 100 and on Friday it’s even worth 210 million of us looks like it’s a hundred degrees out there for tomorrow the heat index will be over 104 Kansas Dallas Brownsville Jackson Louisville Jacksonville and close to it in Miami and on Friday boy look at the weekend we are talking about temperatures feel like over 100 degrees for Chicago Memphis Charlotte Jacksonville New York City and New Orleans make sure you stay hydrated and check on the elderly neighbors this is very dangerous he left spell Virginia with a car plowed into a crowd that was protesting against the white nationalist rally there in August and killed a woman the justice department has no charge the driver James Alex Fields Jr with dozens of federal hate crimes the police officer at the center of the Firestorm over a deadly shooting has been charged with criminal homicide officer Michael roycefield shot and killed unarmed seventeen-year-old Antoine Rose last week outside Pittsburgh as Rose fled from a traffic stop on foot court documents show us failed initially claimed he thought Rose had a gun but changed his story and said he saw no weapon the officer is now free on bond white woman unleashing a hate-filled tie rod on a latino man doing yard work while his mother recorded it all tonight we’re hearing from the target of that outraged NBC National correspondent Miguel almaguer has the story the hateful diatribe is difficult to hear the confrontation between Esteban Guzman who’s a college grad and an unidentified white woman happened is he and his mother were cleaning a Yar it has happened to me be there in two send my mom John says the woman mocks his mother the president bringing drugs they’re bringing crime they’re rapists and some consumer good people the bigger issue because I don’t want this to be about the president and I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last says he’s only speaking out so that others can speak up Miguel almaguer NBC News Los Angeles go ahead tonight the scare when a JetBlue flight what authorities. A hijacking was taking place review of the police Escape we’re back now with terrifying moment the board at JetBlue flight from New York JFK to Los Angeles after hijacking signal was sent from the cockpit what is NBC’s Tom Costello explain it was a false alarm the coded message from the JetBlue pilot to air traffic control hijacking in progress surrounded stunned passengers told to put their hands up a heavily armed SWAT team boarded the plane to make sure because it’s never happened before my worst nightmare honestly thought we were going to die I’m alive JetBlue flight 1623 lost contact with at our while taxiing for takeoff instead he accidentally typed in the 4 digit code for hijack it’s a keypad entry into a small rectangular box and it’s a four digit code and the the Pilot’s just inadvertently entered one wrong. finally wore it was all a false alarm for terrified passengers a 3 hour delay before the nightly fly to La Tom Costello NBC News Washington tacular show in the sky tonight may have you over the moon and he was a father of some of Pop music’s biggest Superstars will look back in a controversial life of Joe Jackson American manager at one of Pop music’s most famous families has died Joe Jackson who’s young sons became the Jackson 5 Michael Jackson in all nine Jackson children join the family business 27 number one singles Michael and Janet Jackson later cut ties with her father bother with Michael revealing his father’s physical abuse Joe Jackson was 89 years old video shows the moment Nebraska deputies encountered a man getting out of a stolen car when another car suddenly pulls up and the suspect leads inside through an open window in the car drives away he is still at large tonight end of the sky is clear where you are this evening there will be something remarkable to see not only with the most colorful moon of the Year brighten the sky but the moon will be extremely close to Saturn meeting that your view of the planet should be spectacular as well when we come The Sound of Silence Our Journey 2 what might this be the quietest place in America small town snapshot Insurance founded deep inside a rainforest in Washington Olympic National Park elusive like right now what’s 13 feet of rain a year the muffin Moscow Subic can be quieter than a recording studio going to spend his life traveling the world recording the sounds of nature he believes Society no longer appreciate coward listen I think we forgotten how to be quiet oh yes I mean we’ve become a nation of shouters noise like a church here isn’t it you know you don’t you don’t talk normally in charge you listen to Sacred Space Gordon’s hope to convince Jets to fly around the park and eliminate noise pollution the quietest place in America that don’t talk when you quiet everything is so much clearer that complicated world back home and simple cat I am tempted to whisper here that is Nightly News for this Wednesday night I’m Lester Holt for all of us at NBC news thank you for watching and goodnight CNBC news viewers here to watch the latest interview show highlights and digital exclusive thanks for watching

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