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can I president Trump goes on the attack against America’s closest allies to pay for everything from food and electronics to designer Goods in Furniture could be about the store Washington again escalated a tragic explosion claim to life of a volunteer firefighter I’ll be home tonight community in mourning with Lester Holt and thank you for joining us president Trump took America’s European allies to task at the start of today’s Gathering of NATO leaders in Belgium lecturing them over the amount they pay for their own military defense but it was Germany from the and save his most pointed remarks in attack that seem to be private the TV cameras accusing Germany of being president Vladimir Putin our White House correspondent Hallie Jackson is traveling with the president have a good evening good evening Alliance NE praised the US relationship with Germany but only after a day of diplomatic stop talk went over like a lead balloon before this cocktail chat with Germany’s leader of blistering breakfast as I’m concerned his captive from Russia sends budgets from 2% to 4 not even the US hits that goal annoyed at Point the White House clarifying it’s because he hoped for a full breakfast and only cheese and pastries were offered defense secretary James Mattis is in Brussels to the Pentagon says the secretary look forward to a productive talks today but multiple sources tell NBC News Mattis has actually been worried the president might make tensions worse with military partners that worried extends to Capitol Hill where lawmakers are looking ahead to Monday’s meeting between the president and Vladimir Putin who’s worked under the alliance very concerned that we have a rough meeting with NATO and then some kind of conciliatory meeting with Putin and it works against our kind of national interest Jen’s including the US takes aim at Russia’s aggressive actions it’s not clear how the president will handle Putin one-on-one the risk irritating friends while looking friendly with their enemy Hallie Jackson NBC News Brussels I’m Richard Engel tonight following president Trump’s criticism the UK announced he’s sending over 400 more soldiers to fight alongside US troops in Afghanistan not fighting is preparing we were there for recent drilled right on Russia’s doorstep this display of military Mike is about sending a message to Russia and it’s increasingly nervous neighbor that any attack will immediately send powerful American warship roaring into battle over-reliance on the United States this is an Uber car is just the beginning I think president Trump is fundamentally undermining the transatlantic Alliance he questions the value of the alliance many nations worried especially small ones close to Russia in Latvia volunteers are joining the National Guard in record numbers and in Norway a hit TV show imagines of future under occupation that may be a stretch but from many in Europe NATO is seen as more vital now than ever Richard Engel NBC news of the price you pay for any of the things you buy for yourself and your family president dramatically ramp up his trade War promising tariffs on 200 billion dollars worth of Chinese exports that’s on top of the terrorist that kicked in last week is NBC’s Tom Costello reports American families could start paying more for everything from the furniture and lot of other stuff in your home from the grocery aisle to the hardware store to your next Oil Change America’s trade War carries the risk of inflicting real economic damage and costing Americans real money the administration is put anywhere from a 10% to a 25% tariffs on Chinese Goods coming into the United States it’s likely that at least some of that cost increase will be passed along to Consumers tariffs on Chinese exports could now hit every room in your home on the outside doors windows and air conditioning units that are made in China during the kitchen made-in-china utensils and appliances 2 including some vegetables and seafood upstairs in the bathroom everyday items like shampoo nail clippers makeup and towels stop stealing in China but China is already retaliating with prices are falling things got a lot worse than I mean I can maybe have stop farming but I don’t think that it’ll get that bad and I really hope that it doesn’t I’m concerned about the cost of an escalating trade War Tom Costello NBC News Rockville Maryland on everyone on board alive and tonight more out of the hospital we get the latest from our national correspondent Miguel almaguer all 11 aboard survived the pilot using his cell phone to call nine-one-one she says we just crashed a friend of ours has a gash on her face and she said she’s pretty scared right now wife Christine just after the plane smashed into the mountain experience you can when it’s fun into Mount jumbo on Prince of Wales Island one of the 11 survivors tells NBC News the plane came out of the clouds and immediately hit the mountain there was no warning no time to prepare current Commander Joseph Plunkett was among the first to arrive at the racquet absolutely questions for the pilot company which offers tours of Alaska draw Beauty on this flight offered of you 11 people will never forget Miguel almaguer NBC news for the first time McCabe and Tyler I’d we are seeing new images of soccer team as they recover from dangerous Escape root NBC’s Janis Mackey Frayer is on the ground there Hospital desk their families kept 62 way behind glass to prevent infection Health officials say the 12 boys are in good condition mainly because of their coach 25 year old what’s the weakest in a letter he apologized to the boy’s parents that I have been telling us she’s relieved his uncle still worry so what’s done is done the incredible Mission 1/2 Mile underground each boy sedated two parts of the rescue the boys on stretchers if we didn’t act when we acted then there was not going to be a successful rescue rescue workers scrambling to Escape six of the boys go up and down they’re friends anxious for them to come home once blood tests are clear doctors will give the go-ahead for the moment that divers and rescue workers were even wondering they would see those kids hugging their families less than see them waving their hospital beds Janice thank you very much in Wisconsin gas explosion small town firefighters one building was destroyed several letters badly damaged tonight officials believe they know what may have caused it NBC’s Ron Mott isn’t there after a powerful natural gas explosion level The Tavern calls for victims just moments before the blast firefighter Corey bar rush to evacuate the area including his Pub but I’m trying to save lives the 34 year old father of twin toddlers Aubrey and Haley lost his own his wife Abby now wearing his wedding band around her neck make sure that you tell your loved ones how you feel you no don’t let the petty little stuff get in the way of what the true meaning of life is time he knew barwell evacuated and then as I walked out the front door of the building into the side of the building at the bar house in Florida as a father with two small daughters breaking trucker main sending gas fueling from sewer lines underground authorities had 5 other firefighters Who police officers and 7 by standards were injured we are hurt but we will come back but the community and a family mourning the loss of a hero who won’t be home tonight or in the morning and I’ll get it NBC News Sun Prairie Wisconsin last night tragically a newborn was killed in two dozen four were injured and another threat we’re tracking Hurricane Chris is now a category 1 Chris’s 500 miles from the North Carolina coast it’s moving Northeast not expected to make landfall in the US but could produce life kidnapping Survivor comes with a serial killer who held her cancer also Papa John’s founder with a courtroom drama in South Carolina today at kidnapping Survivor confronting the serial killer who murdered her boyfriend sexually assaulted her and held her captive inside a storage can 4 months NBC’s Kerry Sanders with what happen when they came face-to-face tables 65 days in South Carolina broke into a steel box on his property they found Kayla then three years old you’ve been kidnapped and raped her boyfriend I’ve been with her shot and killed today on the stand wanta issue my own Justice on him he is the evil incarnate he’s the devil is laying out a case that kohlhepp’s actions including kidnapping assault infliction of emotional distress resulted in pain and suffering Brown why asking for $3000000 for medical expenses and 360 million dollars in Damages years of unsolved murders were resolved after the one-time real estate agent confess to killing 7 people Kerry Sanders NBC news or I will take a short break here the founder of Papa John’s John Schnatter apologizing after report on a conference call in May Papa John’s released a statement from Snyder that reads news reports attributing the use of inappropriate and hurtful language to me during a media training set regarding race are true regardless of the contact I apologised simply stated racism has no place in our society they fall out St Louis gas station not one but two Lamborghinis at the pump video caught a nearby minivan driving off with the gas nozzle still in it spraying fuel firefighters believe the gas is ignited when it hit the sports cars engine luckily no one was hurt we appreciate you spending part of your evening with us that is Nightly News for this Wednesday night I’m Lester Holt for all of us at NBC News thank you for watching a good night NBC News YouTube channel subscribe any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching
Trump at NATO summit says ‘Germany is totally controlled by Russia,’ new images of Thai soccer team as they recover, and firefighter dies after natural gas explosion in Wisconsin.
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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 11, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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