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tonight’s Race Against Time After The Miracles seen around the world have a dangerous rescue mission to free the soccer team Americans that we had ended July 4th how long will it last and at least 60 wildfires exploding out of control one Inferno destroying over 100 EPA cheap Scott Pruitt emergency room in the sky need a new ride the deal that can get you a new set of wheels every two weeks and those who serve NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt worried for the Dozen children and an adult to remain trapped in that cave to safely reach the surface debated the world in this case surrounded by water that 13 cave survivors weekend by days without food could have to make a heroin underwater swim through narrow passages to reach Freedom NBC’s Janis Mackey Frayer was there and has the latest tonight coach in stable condition they huge challenge getting them out option starting the rescue now so they’re scrambling to I’m diving skills to navigate that are tricky even for experienced divers on a dangerous two-and-a-half-hour trip at some points to Naruto are scuba gear other parts needing a steep. the divers needed to run lines in order to be able to get in and get out social tells us it’s only for people to ensure there’s enough air to breathe especially if the kids panic and then do it authorities have been trying for days to pump the flood water out and there’s more rain in the forecast meaning it could be weeks even months before there safely out locked up inside the cave I’m sure the boys that more than a thousand people are doing everything they can to get them home Asian to make about the rescue can you describe what the mood is like right there cat is drooling new entries into the cave so they can pull them out for the families this is now a different sort of visual and four people everywhere will they remain captivated by these boys and this incredible turn of events Lester amazing Drama We wish them all the best thank you Janice back home to the holiday Heat Wave stretching across much of this country celebrate July 4th we get more from NBC’s Stephanie gosk better head to the beach the lifeguards in New Jersey there was a significant number rescues I’d say probably 40 rescues over the last couple days here 90 million in the Midwest and Northeast are under heat advisories and excessive heat warning it at least three deaths have been linked to the weather strain on the power grid cause an outage in New Jersey leaving a roller coaster stopped in its tracks what Congressman Bill pascrell had to be help from a press conference today suffering from heat exhaustion in Philadelphia a water main broke leaving mm people without power no water no AC in the temperature there felt like a hundred seven to the North in Burlington Vermont it’s a struggle advices stay hydrated avoid alcohol and strenuous outdoor activities keep your body cool are so hot we don’t have a. Beach and of course I need to be rare here in New Jersey to have 7 days in a row of 90-plus degree temperatures but that’s changed in the last 10 years it’s happened seven times people here are getting pretty used to it inspected Beach to be packed again tomorrow all right Staffing it is going to be a scorching NBC meteorologist is it would like to see that’s why I overheating as a possibility when you’re looking at your heat index values up around 100 degrees Thursday more of the same highs in the 90s your feels like temperature for so many above 100 degrees Fridays are transition day that will cold front will bring the possibility of strong storms and then look at Saturday and Sunday in the Northeast to the Midwest and back to the Great Lakes 10 pictures of gorgeous dropping down into the low to mid 80s on the flip side of that the Southwest really going to start heating up Friday into Saturday temperatures will get above 100 degrees in Los Angeles Las Vegas about 1:10 for Friday and Saturday Phoenix 1 teen on Friday it’s a dry heat but it’s an exceptional heat for that area everybody gets here tell him thanks very much and windy conditions are fueling massive wildfires burning from California to Colorado furnace destroyed over a hundred home and hundreds more are at risk thousands of evacuated outside Denver Colorado Spring Fire quickly becoming one of the most destructive in State history security cameras capturing the moment a wall of flames becomes a fireball devouring everything and it’s we don’t have fires now we have mega fires The Inferno is exploding so quickly the extent of the damage is unknown expected to spike when Smoke Clears across Colorado and Utah I’ve been driven from their home outside Salt Lake City dollar Ridge fire close in on Jenny Taylor’s house epic destruction Cruise will soon face a new threat scorching heat later this week we saw a racist Brad that normally we would only see in the early and in late fall across the West Cruise bracing for a firefight what will be no holiday on the frontlines Miguel almaguer NBC News Los Angeles faction and whether it should be part of the college admissions process today A reversal by the Trump Administration on the issue and some higher education groups are going to ignore it from chief White House correspondent Hallie Jackson the same a new lines and universities should not consider raise during the admissions process of what former president Obama recommended in a new mellow out tonight the Department of Justice called that guidance unnecessary outdated inconsistent with existing law or otherwise improper 4-month stop Trump Administration officials have targeted affirmative action policies that they argue are even though the president himself seem to have no issue during the camp but I’m fine with affirmative action we lived with it for a long time and I lived with it for a long time diversity in classroom saying the federal government should not threaten schools trying to be inclusive it sets up a potential political battle for a president who promised to fight for African-Americans I should do them what the hell do you have to lose vote for me the new guidelines do not change the law but schools that keep their current emissions policies could face the lawsuit from the justice department the Supreme Court may hear a critical case on this to a group of Asian American students suing Harvard accusing the school of unfairly giving preference to other racial minorities the last three margin the Swing Vote Justice Anthony Kennedy and that sets up the steaks to replace Justice Kennedy with the White House telling us to the president Trump interviewed three more candidates for that job today at Leicester is set to come in just 6 days born under investigation for a long list of activities in a brace ethics questions but yesterday EPA Chief Scott Pruitt found himself Under Fire during lunch in a restaurant from a woman who confronted him and called on him to resign and tonight there are Oceans by the weather Pruitt can keep his job we get that story from NBC’s Peter Alexander Kristen make teacher accused of poisoning our children’s future our future that is his job and he’s doing everything everything he can just make personal Danes investigations is controversial spending costing taxpayers Millions on unprecedented 24/7 security detail first class air travel biometric locks for listening devices in his office but total nearly 4 million dollars on the taxpayers dime looking to buy a used mattress from the Trump Hotel and enlisting at EPA staffer try to secure a Chick-fil-A franchise for his wife if this were any other senior government official in any other Administration they would be gone by now report Troublesome as the EPA Chief gets a taste of bitter public criticism Peter Alexander NBC News the White House there is news to every single one of us shrinking the size of plane seats after a passengers Rights group went to court claiming planes are getting to cramp to safely evacuate in the event of an emergency NBC’s Tom Costello as more in the controversy it’s up to aircraft manufacturers to prove that every passenger can get out of a plane with a 90 seconds with half the exit’s blocked but look closely at these tests most people are young and fit an 01 critics say it’s simply not representative of a modern seatcraft plane filled with young and old passengers many of whom are obese lives are at stake here we need to make sure that the FAA and the manufacturers are actually testing demonstrations Airline legroom and seat sizes which have been shrinking Even though three out of four Americans are now overweight in a court filing the FAA says there was no evidence that seat Dimensions hamper the speed of Passenger evacuation from the Miracle on the Hudson to a fiery explosion in Chicago to a crash in Denver every passenger has emergencies prove passengers are getting out alive so for now don’t look for your airline see to get any bigger Tom Costello NBC News Washington explain the hot new option for getting that also the thrilling finish of the World Cup today the shootout are you in the market for a new car but you’re not sure which one you like best for there’s a hole kind of car lease that lets you change what you drive on a whim so you never get bored with your wheels and BC business correspondent Jo Ling Kent explains I’m driving the same car you know everyday that gives her the ability to change her car every two weeks she put the pedal to the metal you know I have a lot of yard work pickup truck with Car Sales dipping 2% this year as you are millennials behind-the-wheel car companies are trying to break the mold on traditional Leasing and buying now brand like for Cadillac and Volvo are starting car subscriptions allowing you to swap cars in and out at your local dealership when you want when my car gets dirty I can just flip it the changes that people are wanting a more seamless experience from start to finish but more convenience does me more money Julie program is 952 which gets her delivery Insurance maintenance and a choice of 40 cars Deluxe birthday watch out for high sign up feat automakers are charging a premium for subscription Services because if you do get the convenience in a changing Auto industry Switching gears on how do you drive this summer Jolene Kent NBC News Los Angeles the World Cup by the heart-stopping Finish late today between Natalie shootout making it past the goalie for the victory is England’s first knockout round win the major tournament since 2006 if you’re traveling by car this 4th of July you did last year the average price of a gallon of regular is 286 that’s up from $2.23 last July 4th and the highest has been in 4 years it’s due in part to continuing production limits by OPEC and there was a surprise visitor today at Walter Reed National military Medical Center first lady Melania Trump made an unannounced visit to the hospital to visit service members wounded in combat and their families mrs. Trump spent five days at the hospital as a patient after have kidney surgery in May when we come back those who sir will catch up with the man who was given so much for our country and it’s still honoring his fellow veterans today thousand of the 16 million Americans who served in World War II are still alive and eat them a familiar face a fellow veteran before they are to honor the enduring Bond forged by War Duty and sacrifice his story tonight in those who serve around an old Soldier reporting for duty to say thank you thank you for your service Bob Doyle a second Lieutenant wounded during World War II years the 1996 looking Presidential nominee turns 95 this month energized by the fellow veterans he greets are you the veterans not so many anymore from World War we’re all disappearing what do you all have in common well I keep telling him that we were all in this together crafts to do and some were lucky in somewhere not so lucky Senator tall was the driving force to get this Memorial built today Veterans come by the busload to visit like when you come to this Memorial wounded and I crawled out trying to getting back in a little Ravine and I got shot and and he didn’t make that he passed away so I tried but I couldn’t saving but here in the shadow of the memorial and jokes pictures and lingering handshakes what does it do for your spirit honor to be in their company appreciate you spending your evening with us I’d left her home for all of us thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching
Thai soccer team found in cave, but rescue could take months, mother confronts EPA’s Scott Pruitt, tells him to ‘resign’, and wildfires raging across the West.
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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 03, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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