NHL star John Tavares signs with Toronto Maple Leafs

and in this country Toronto Maple Leafs fans could be forgiven if this Canada Day felt more like Christmas day they learn superstar John Tavares it’s signed with the team he knows his intentions on Twitter posting this picture of him so does a child stay not everyday you live a childhood dream so how big a deal is Tavares seven-year-old from Mississauga Ontario he’s one of the NHL stars and over the first nine seasons of his career he was a leader of the New York Islanders he is an impact player in his prime accumulating 621 point in 669 regular-season game he helped Team Canada defend his gold medal at the Sochi Olympics Taveras coming to Toronto is the biggest free-agent signing and leaf history contract worth 77 million dollars US so much joy and optimism in Toronto today from Maple Leaf fans course and is Greg from the newest member of the team as well was once in a lifetime I felt like and I’m just like you know why don’t you go through and grab it and when it came right down to it John Tavares says a big part of his decision to sign with the leaves was about fulfilling a childhood dream as a kid growing up you start to get those feelings again and Toronto now he comes full circle agreeing to a seven-year contract with the Leafs news worth celebrating for some fans and they believe there will be much more celebrating to come 2019 where when look up we are winning the cup you literally shaking right now the best Leaf moment I’ve ever witnessed in high demand at the Leafs official store soon as the news broke somebody was in the store and right away Boom at the cash register that was this man tried my luck I said that maybe I could do you think this is the biggest signing and leave history for the core of young players led by Austin Matthews now this move put them among the league Elite teams this is a team since its Inception has never had one of the top 10 players in the National Hockey League final either beliefs with all the players that have played here on the verge of having not just one Superstar but two superstars and those fans hope this Hometown hero will be the piece of the puzzle that will help this city five decades Tavares knows all too well what that would mean to this city charge quicker than words right now people been waiting for for a long time people are hungry for it the passion for the game the passion for the Maple Leafs is impressment Greg Ross the news Toronto
NHL star forward John Tavares has signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs, agreeing to a seven-year contract.
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