Newfoundland seaweed gin wins gold at international spirits competition

Peter Cowen is a distillery in Newfoundland for us maybe I shouldn’t say a Distillery I should probably say Envy Distillery as in the only Distillery I know it’s almost 8 where you are Peter Shirley little early to be a drinking that’s why Heather instead of actually having a drink in front of me I’ve got a few of the ingredients that I’ve been busy snacking on which you normally wouldn’t think of when you think of an ingredient in alcohol but this is one of the key ingredients for the seaweed gin here at the Newfoundland Distillery and as you mentioned this is the first full The Distillery to open in the province and what the owner say is a hundred years we basically always been importing our spirits and so this place is now actually making them in there seaweed gin started as something I thought might be a little sideline when they opened two years ago I’ll novelty drinks that a few people might enjoy but they were wrong it’s really taken off and it’s become their number one selling drink and part of the reason because they wanted to Source a lot of the product locally like these local Juniper hear that all your alcohol actually quite strong but to the San Francisco International this year and they got a double gold the only Canadian Distillery to get one in the flavored gin category and it’s something the Bronx or something song with their Stanley Cup they’ve actually been able to expand a little bit they got an order from Nova Scotia so they’re starting to ship some of the Gin there and other provinces like PTI New Brunswick of also said they’re interested in starting to care so we know how many people love to eat local obviously drinking local is important too and for this company actually able to Source all local ingredients that’s so interesting Peter that was one of them priorities when they said we want to open a Newfoundland Distillery and actually distill here was we want to make sure that were using as much as we can locally think like the seaweed and the Juniper but one of the most fundamental ingredients come by and that’s the grain because traditionally barley hasn’t been grown here in Newfoundland if you wanted to brew or distill you had to import it from elsewhere that’s it well where’s the fun in that so what they actually partnered with a provincial government call Gram and a farm on the west coast of Newfoundland for a sort of test facility to grow some barley they tried it out they really liked it and so this Farm is now actually been growing barley just for them so that they’re able to produce a 100% Newfoundland spirit and I ask the owners I said so the seaweed gin is it the novelty of the ingredients or is it the taste and they insist of course it’s a little of both but you know they think one of the reasons that it has become so popular and this province is because people want to be able to drink something that comes from the same area where they’re actually bringing it fantastic great story it is thank you very much Peter there at Clark’s beach in Newfoundland at The Distillery on the island
A Newfoundland distillery won double gold for its seaweed gin at an international spirits competition. The Newfoundland Distillery Company, which prides itself on using local ingredients, sources its seaweed from the Grand Banks.

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