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we just spent about an hour with Modesto Cruz it was a very long meeting he answered all of our questions she’s the owner of the bodega that Jr was pulled out of moments before that very vicious attack never seen before and he says it shows that they actually try to help save Juniors lights to go ahead take a look at the video that we just obtained that shop owner says junior is jumping over the counter and that he actually tried to hide Junior the game but they can’t spot is a boy anyway the owner Modesto Cruz also went on to share even more video with us I don’t try to fight off those gang members after they grab the 15 year old and try to drag them out of the store cuz also told us he caught 9-1-1 as soon as he knew that Junior was in trouble and spent 4 minutes 4 minutes on the phone with 911 he’s at the operator kept asking him questions over and over again and he kept responding with the address and telling them to send the right away the store on office has he called nine-one-one one more time right after Jenny was attacked telling them they needed an ambulance immediately she also try to clarify something in one of the video that we’ve seen all week There’s a moment where you see a man in the store pointing at the door after Junior where the tax be on a try to clear it up saying that they weren’t kicking him out they were telling him that it was taking too long for the ambulance to come they were telling him that the hospital is just a block away and that he should go doing this one hour meeting mr. Cruz was quite emotional when somebody going to jump all over the counter my first reaction was when he get down again you’re not recognizing he come back again so I tried to hold you I don’t know what’s going on and what he told me he’s looking for me they looking for me or they running for me I have beheeyem break it down but he was so scared I remember his faith you are so scared and I tried to hold it down and he’s jump up they saw him he was already there this Bodega owner was quite emotional during out 1 hour meeting he shed a lot of tears and I asked him straight up people in the community of calling for your store to be closed so will you close to where you open back up he says he hasn’t made a final decision but he’s going to respect the wishes of the community for putting line from Upper Manhattan I got a hairy
Breaking down in tears at times, Modesto Cruz (left) on Friday told reporters his account of the gangland machete slaying of Lesandro ‘Junior’ Guzman-Feliz, 15, (inset) on June 20 just outside his store. Guzman, an aspiring NYPD cop, was killed in an apparent case of mistaken identity. Eight suspected members of the Trinitarios, a Dominican street gang, have been arrested and charged in the murder. ‘I just feel very, very bad,’ Cruz said before explaining in broken English what happened in his store (main) and how he tried to stop it.

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