New satellite images of North Korea nuclear site may show upgrades

just over two weeks after Summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Hoon it appears North Korea is upgrading its only known nuclear research facility according to Monitor and group 38 North infrastructure improvements at North Korea’s nuclear plant or quickly new buildings and a radio chemical laboratory are reportedly still active on the site but whether the reactor is still is in operation is unclear of course earlier this month president Trump in North Korean leader Kim Jong Hoon signed an agreement design to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula leading president Trump to prematurely declare that the country is quote no longer a nuclear threat Best China relations Isaac we weren’t expecting this to happen so what did 38 North discover and how are they doing this after using satellite images to try to track the movement of trucks is that how it works prizes they are using satellite images and they I think work with a commercial satellite provider it by the images they analyze them and they find out things that we were just not aware of what about the I was blowing up of young be on the main nuclear facility in North Korea and that was supposed to send a signal to the world that their days of becoming more of a nuclear power are over the blow it up and older facilities and if left this one to still be in existence I think what happened at the summit was the two leaders agreed to a very vague statement about Tunica Rising the Korean peninsula if this is a message that came down and is trying to send the trump in the United States and I sense hey we still got this we’re still doing this this is something they just didn’t expect the Americans that have any awareness of Hannibal do you think this report is from 38 North is it possible that they may be word continuing operations but simply moving things around if they’re seeing activity via satellite images here’s what we know it’s the best of our information and Copake country is very difficult to know what is actually happening but I think we can trust the words that come from 38 North old people because it’s one thing we might learn through satellite images and other things is another thing you know North Korea has broken his promises especially in terms of its nuclear development in the past is this just another example of this or do you think it’s too early to really know it’s too early to say that keeping the promises that they’ve kept and we’ll see if Trump decides to pick up on this and Pompeo picks up on this as a sign that North Korea is being unfaithful or if we’ll just ignore it I meant the fact that you know there was all of this Pomp and Circumstance about that they were going to denuclearize the peninsula and hugs and handshakes but it looks like they’re still activity happening if this report is correct I think it depends on how charitable you want to be towards Trump and Kim a charitable view is pay it takes North Korea while to make these changes it’s not and efficiently run country is very chaotic it could be that send messages hasn’t gone to this facility and then this highlight images I think we’re 5 days old so roughly 9 days after the summer that’s more charitable view Trump got very little in exchange for what he gave up in the negotiation and North feel so comfortable about its relationship with able to do this with impunity

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