New Report: Michael Cohen Expects Trump Ally Attacks To ‘Ramp Up’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

we’re just two days away from the deadline for Donald Trump’s lawyers to finish reviewing the last of the documents he’s in the Michael Cohen rate while they’re checking for anything they can claim might be covered by attorney-client privilege Cohen gave that big interview where he said his first loyalty to his family though it’s unclear whether he’s trying to get a plea deal a pardon or pity from the public there’s nothing to indicate John that Michael Cohen is anything but loyal to this president Michael’s trying to get out there and send a message to people that he’s not a demon huge like it so that last comment is really what caught our attention here’s exactly what Trump said using the past tense about Michael Cohen noise at my lawyer if I didn’t pay more like Michael but the question is does he still like Michael and if so how much would be former Federal prosecutor in the Roca who worked in the investigating call it and with Cohen’s new lawyer by the way former Watergate special prosecutor Nick Ackerman and Tim O’Brien author of trump nation and executive editor of Bloomberg view great to have all three of you will what is Michael Cohen thinking when he hears president Trump say things that I would say create distance between a life past tense and that he’s no longer my lawyer and he hasn’t spoken in a long time I don’t think anybody’s thinking here I mean the whole thing is bizarre for my client I would never ever let him make the statements he did I would have never let him be interviewed by ABC News witness the last thing he wants to be doing is going out in talking and being in the public he wants his lawyer to go in and make a deal give a proper as to what he can offer in terms of who else he can provide evidence against this idea of turning this into a reality TV show which is what all the truck people do is just mind-boggling this is not the way you run a criminal defense operation you think I mean you you certainly know mr. Petrillo the the lawyer that is representing Michael Cohen now you know perhaps better than anyone here his insights we think of what he’s asking him to do to speak to the press in this interview I just cleaning this obviously based on your different things and breeding in the process is that Cohen wanted to talk for whatever reasons I think he probably wants to try to save his Public Image weather this did that or not this is his to his start of that because he knows the onslaught is coming from Donald Trump and others it’s already gotten your the distance thing and I think he probably did try to advise him not to do interview or from a defense attorneys point of view the interview was not that bad when I first heard it was going to do an interview I said it away from answering factual questions he didn’t answer the play set on the advice of my lawyer on mocking answer whether Trump directed the payment to stormy or whether Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting and those are the questions that can really get you into trouble down the road what you no answering the factual questions expressing his belief of the FBI are not such bad guys things like that this isn’t a Witch Hunt those are going to ingratiate him to the government regardless if he wants to talk and listen but I don’t think he did as much damage as one would think we be reading too much into the fact that it’s not an on-camera interview that it was done and it was kind of like there’s different degrees of your interview statement how much you want to go out there that a Primetime special is it live or is it this kind of giving Emily Jane Fox I heard her say get your reaction to this conversation how do you distract the Michael Cohen interview what it’s come out of it what its intended purpose was I don’t think he’s the lawyer in the Trump organization bodies were buried that was Jason Greenblatt you know Trump use Michael Kohn to fix problems like possible Liaisons with pornstars he didn’t have Michael Kohn inside financial transaction that would be more meedee for somebody like Bob Mueller the day don’t have any loyalty to him when the prosecutors for pressure on them I interpreted what coming to the other day at something of a Hail Mary pass I think he’s possibly in trouble with tax evasion in New York he’s got a taxi Medallion business is going to zero Financial stress found out whether or not the president was possibly going to Pardon them every other time that Michael comes come into the news cycle Trump has tweeted about him or giving interview about him he was dead silent from Sunday till now so Michael Cohen has answer the president doesn’t see any reason possibly Department from State crimes you cannot pardon them for state tax evasion for money Conjuring or any other kind of criminal activity that occurred that violates State crimes so that the idea he was sending a message to see if Trump would pardon and it just adds to the whole craziness of this thing the only thing then I’m going to be my only smokes the fact that we’re approaching this and we’re Trump’s you know lawyers get their finished reviewing the documents in terms of significance of these that if nothing else would look on fair right not everybody got to finish their privilege review and they go ahead and file charges that just wouldn’t look right so it’s going to remove one impediment to them charging I think that’s likely where they’re going but you know they also just got over a million documents themselves through this review process they got to get their arms around those documents District finds that they have something on calling and they decide to go forward to more say wait let’s see if we can get him to cooperate first do they work in tandem on that front Nerf battles I think here given what’s at stake namely did the president United States acting some criminal way I think there’s going to be poor Nation between the southern district in molar and nobody’s going to start fighting over who should go first that. Michael Cohen is not somebody necessarily truck needs to worry about may not know where the bodies are buried so to speak who should Trump be worried about when he has somebody like Paul manafort Michael Flynn and to some extent. Michael Cohen that are liabilities I was going to go to whether or not Trump his campaign Trump personally during the election colluded with the Russians to tilt the election to break into hack the DNC servers anyone has knowledge of that information is definitely a threat I think Michael Cohen exists a little on the periphery of some of that but we do know that he and Felix Sater tried to get a business deal done in Moscow building at Trump Tower there he’s intersected multiple times with Felix Sater Felix Sater someone’s of vulnerability the money laundering I don’t know that any of them land on the issue of collusion with Russia except the Christopher Steele reports has multiple sources saying that was talking to the Russians about how they work I’d the hackers that were involved in hacking into the Democratic National Committee and how they were going to pay them off and put them away in Romania so nobody could find them have you thank you so much your perspectives subscribe
Donald Trump’s lawyers have just two days left to finish reviewing the last documents seized in the investigation of Michael Cohen as new reporting reveals Cohen gave an an interview to ABC in the middle of the investigation, because he expects attacks from Trump allies to “ramp up”.
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New Report: Michael Cohen Expects Trump Ally Attacks To ‘Ramp Up’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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