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why we had two major events in politics the last couple weeks have you see the whole question of what’s going on at the board of the family separation policy the presidency meeting to walk back from that now the vacancy on the Supreme Court what is going to happen there and of course the backdrop for all midterm elections a couple months away Democrats trying to win back the House Republicans trying to hang on for dear life and so the question how has the public been interpreting all this were they thinking about the president right now what are they thinking about his handling of these issues got some new polling we’ve got a lot of new polling we figured we go over the board and walk you through it so first of all today 303 brand new polls on the president’s approval rating and you could see it got kind of a range here we got our own NBC News survey Vista High in the high-end today in really the high end of almost anything you’re going to see Trump sitting there at 48% and 40% and then somewhere right in the middle Politico morning consult they found them at 4 three of the average together every pull that’s out there right now for Trump he’s sitting at a touch over 43% about 43 and a half percent average approval rating Republican say they probably want him a little bit higher to have a chance to hold on to the house Democrats of course 43 and a half they like him a little bit lower it’s in that sort of Grey zone right now it’s nothing to write home about if you’re Trump in the Republican but of course it is better than it was a few months ago but how about those issues how about immigration how fo been interpreting what’s happening first of all the bottom line question your how do you think the president has been handling immigration you can see from that Quinnipiac poll they’re 3958 39% approve of the way Trump has been handling this nearly 60% disapproving but then Quinnipiac some other very interesting questions like this one Trump’s motive behind his immigration policy I mean this is you heard the writer he’s beat the charges been out there shortly the way the president has talked about this has stoked incredible controversy 50% he is a sincere interest in controlling the Border 44% say he is motivated and immigration by racist belief motivated in what he’s doing on the border by racist police he could take it a step further and see if your story 4% good ask this question do you think the president is a racist that was asked by Quinnipiac in the answer 49% said yes 47% said no basically look at that divided right there half and half essentially you can look at this different groups you know among white voters you have a slim majority saying no he’s not the 44% saying yes he is among black voters almost 8 in 10 saying yes the presidents are racist among Hispanic voters you see their nearly 60% saying yes he’s a racist average all that together right there right there in the middle asking that question is the president knighted states are racist 4947 we said the other major issue of course the Supreme Court Democrats right now they are saying hey throughout the vote until after the election I think that their best chance of having influence here we ask that question being are pull the NBC one win should the nominee be confirmed but look at that by basically a two-to-one margin folks and hold the vote this fall Democrats are saying you have to do that because Democrats say you don’t want Ro overturned if you want to Ski Pro from being overturned I got to stop one of these Trump nominees at the Democratic message and when you ask folks do you want Ro to be upheld or overturned by the this again 221 margin there they say to uphold it so you know sometimes you see this and pulling you look at the political there if you look at the terms of the debate nationally sometimes the answers day they could be kind of contradictory there with you scratch your head about what folks really do and don’t want you’re so anyway mixed messages are for the politicians to figure out enough either I’m Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list and see lots of other great videos
New polls from Quinnipiac University show that 39% approve of Trump’s immigration policies while 49% believe the President is racist, versus 47% who believe he isn’t racist.
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New Poll: 49% Believe President Donald Trump Is Racist | Hardball | MSNBC

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