New Images Of Thai Soccer Team As They Recover In The Hospital | NBC Nightly News

tonight at first Glimpse at the boys after that daring 3-day Rescue Mission appearing relaxed wearing face masks and gowns weaving from their Hospital desk their families kept 6p two-way behind glass to prevent infection official say the 12 boys are in good condition mainly because of their coach twenty-five-year-old a couple chetumal he was the last person out and was the weakest in a letter he apologize to the boys parents telling us she’s relieved his uncle still worried did you ease anxiety tether two divers to get them through the dark narrow passages new video showing parts of the rescue the boys carried on stretchers not going to be a successful rescue I’m just after the last person without the main water pump failed flooding the cave sending rescue workers scrambling to escape by then the boys at their coach were free reunited at the hospital with Al spend up to a week at the school where six of the boys go visit jump up and down their friends anxious for them to come home once blood tests are clear doctors will give the go-ahead for the moment that’s divers and rescue workers were even wondering they would see those kids hugging their families I click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusive thanks for watching
They’ve reunited with their families through a layer of glass, but the hugs will have to wait.
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New Images Of Thai Soccer Team As They Recover In The Hospital | NBC Nightly News

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