New Dots Connect Mariia Butina Case To K.T. McFarland And Mike Flynn | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

well this terrible new series of with some of the legal cases around to the Russian attack of the question of American cooperation and Co conspiring with that attack and obviously which is due to start in less than a week now potential jurors are expected to show up at the courthouse in the eastern district of Virginia for the Paul manafort case starting on Tuesday also in the gru case that we don’t expect those Russian military intelligence agency to turn up anytime soon but we are waiting so we have some knock on Revelations that we expected to arrive from that indictment for example that indictment of all those Russian Military Intelligence Officers also says bluntly on or about August 15th 2016 the conspirators posing as guccifer 2.0 meaning and sent the candidates stolen documents related to the candidates opponent based on the timing this means this was a general election Congressional candidate in 2016 who solicited and receive stolen information on his or her opponent intelligence ahead of the 2016 election that American Congressional candidate who may or may not now be a serving member of Congress hasn’t yet been named but based on this part of the indictment clearly that is somebody who is known justice department and so we’re waiting for that shoe to drop whenever the justice department chooses to drop it and there’s also the unnamed American who plays a starring it’s somewhat anticlea tragic role in the Maria butina case Maria butina is the only Russian who’s been indicted in the Russia Scandal that’s who’s actually been arrested and is being held in US custody expect to see her back in court in a few days reporting about us person won as a co-conspirator with her in that indictment is charged with operating essentially as a secret agent of the Russian Federation in this country but identified in multiple news reports but not by law enforcement multiple news reports say he is Paul Erickson conservative political Act Maria patino’s boyfriend that said prosecutors have alleged in their court filings that it might not actually be true love that they have documentation that indicates that at least from perspective their personal relationship they’re living together was not a sincere love affair it was something she was doing resentfully as part of her covert influence operation for the Russian government Washington Post reporting on Ericsson on us person one for a role in Trump transition team and complained after the election when he ran into a problem with his security clearance center sleeping with the Russian spy I’m kind of happy about the Russian security clearance process in that case just as an aside officials pushing for top positions for other people his lobbying to get KT McFarland name as an adviser to Michael Flynn Trump’s First National Security advisor so then this is us person one a person who is named in this latest indictment in the Russia Scandal as cohabitating with and especially being a co-conspirator with this accused Russian secret agent who is now being held in jail awaiting trial in Washington who did the Washington Post reporting this guy who was very personally involved in her and potentially in on her scheme he recommended that the new Deputy National Security advisor should be that was unusual Choice KT McFarland had been involved in Republican politics she had worked in earlier Republican whitehouse’s but when I say earlier I mean like way way way earlier and since then she’s been an occasional contributor to Fox News but she barely on the periphery of even weird bumpy and national-security politics not not not not not a high-profile figure not a heavyweight figure by any stretch of the imagination but after the recommendations in part from Maria botines fake boyfriend Katie McFarland was elevated to a very high level job the White House it’s the operations officer who runs the whole National Security Council and runs intelligence through the National Security process it’s KT McFarland always seemed like an odd fit for that job but nevertheless they gave her that job we now know in part on the recommendation of Maria butenas boyfriend she did not last long in that job though KT McFarland the backwash after National Security advisor Mike Flynn was fired a month into the new Administration and then he was later criminally charged in conjunction with the Mueller investigation related to his contacts with the Russian government you remember how the Flint disaster unfold it right just a few days after the Trump inauguration not even a week into the new Administration when was interviewed by the FBI at the White House about contacts he had with the Russian government United States Sally Yates call the White House counsel’s office and express was some urgency that there was a matter of serious National Security concern that she needed to discuss in person with the White House counsel she went in person to the White House office space and she delivered to the White House counsel the Justice Department’s serious concerns about Mike Flynn related to his contacts with the Russian government and most urgently the Justice Department’s belief access to the highest classified information in the US government the justice department believe he was actually at that moment compromised by the government that they could potentially use to compel him to do Handover Secrets take action against the National Security interest of the United States and then whatever the Russians might want him to do they had leverage on him he was compromised Sally Yates goes to the White House counsel’s office with that do not have very much clarity about why they’ve been kept him on his National Security advisor for another 18 days it’s been 18 months since then we still don’t know why they did Sally Yates later explained both in testimony to the Senate and in public that she was somewhat flummoxed by that white house decision to keep him on we were very concerned about the underlying conduct and went through and explain to the compromised situation with the Russians and told him so the clay that we were getting in this information so that they can act we felt like we were absolutely introduce to the information yes do you think pressing the United States to make but doesn’t seem like that’s a person who should be sitting in the National Security advisor position Your Role is the acting attorney general would have permitted you to do to come back to my house Kaiser who was compromised control what happened but I would have gone back to him why the White House didn’t ask for more than two weeks after this very urgent national security threat was brought to their attention but now we learned that despite assurances from the White House that Mike Flynn and acted alone that has contact with the Russian government has been the active sort of official nobody else knew what he was doing we learned in December then in fact he hasn’t acted alone his deputy KT McFarland had known about Flynn secret contacts with the Russian government before during and after those contacts that she helped set him up for the same contact with the FBI about McFarland would also later lie about her knowledge of Flynn’s contact with the Russian government what she was questioned about it by the US Senate one of the weird long tails of the story that is it after she got out as Deputy National Security advisor Flynn debacle Trump Administration actually for a while tried to name her an ambassador confirmation process for her would-be ambassadorship she knew about this contact she was in on it when was not acting alone Flynn was not even alone in lying about those contacts with the Russian government KT McFarland did it too and now as of now based on this new recording from the Washington we know that us person one reportedly Paul Erickson Maria butenas fake boyfriend to prosecutor say she was romantically involved with as part of his operation to serve as an agent of the Russian government in this country Martinez Maria Martinez just for the sake of spying boyfriend which is a job you really expected hurt again Sally Yates was acting attorney general when she tried to win the White House with urgency about a senior official in the Trump White House being compromised by the Russian government she was driven by the urgency of needing to get that official out of there because of the danger that represent a white house right now at the time didn’t see it that same way how does it change that story how does it affect our understanding of that lack of urgency on the part of the Trump White House to now know that plane wasn’t allowing that Slim’s deception around it was not on something in which he was acting alone and at least obliquely there appears to be a connection to apparently just broke up the first person from whom we Americans got the news about people at the highest level in the Trump Administration being compromised by the Russian government while they served as us officials today that warning has a whole new residence Sally exchanges for the interview next thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of great videos
Rachel Maddow explains how the man reported to have been living with accused Russian agent Mariia Butina is also reported to have been an advocate for K.T. McFarland to serve in the unlikely role of deputy national security advisor, deputy to Mike Flynn.
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New Dots Connect Mariia Butina Case To K.T. McFarland And Mike Flynn | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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