New details on suspect in Maryland newspaper mass shooting

as we saw police responded quickly to the shooting on the scene about 60 seconds they were there and they were prepared for this take a look at the cover of the Capital Gazette from Saturday the headline preparing for the worst police had just run an active shooter drill the week ago let’s go to ABC chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas in Washington with more on the gunman and how they took him down good morning. In Cold Blood and initial description of the alleged shooter as police race to the scene what does it say The Suspect armed with a shotgun had blasted through a glass door entering The Newsroom of the Capital Gazette two injured and those five murdered Authority said he had created a distraction apparently make it difficult for victims and police creating more chaos it was actually canisters of smoke grenades that he used in side of the building when he entered Kelly’s top official said the suspect had put weapon and was hiding under a desk when discovered by police because he had no ID on him court records obtained over knife naming the alleged shooter as thirty-eight-year-old Gerard Ramos charged with five counts of first-degree murder he has a history of conflict with the paper this was a targeted attack on the Capital Gazette after you published an article reporting he had stocked a woman records oramas loss is defamation suit of former editor at the newspaper telling ABC news that Ramos threaten him for years ago but I mean to be there can’t be any more direct then I wish I would be better off that located from the shooting hunting for Clues also searching for comedian footprint initially did not cooperate with investigators he’s doing court today at 10:30 this morning for a bail hearing Cecilia he also told us that he was not surprised when he learned it Ramos with a shooter was going to come in and shoot us just horrible so with that what are police saying this morning. Were there missed warning signs missed opportunities here as police followed up on those stress and he was interviewed by police at his home but they never had enough to charge and Cecilia and that was 4 years ago staying on this one for us. Thank you for checking up ABC News YouTube channel if you’d like to get more video show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC new Denver breaking news alerts thanks for watching
The suspect, identified by law enforcement sources as Jarrod Ramos, lost a defamation suit against the Capital Gazette, according to court records.

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