New details on Annapolis shooting suspect and victims

all the man accused of going on a murderous Rampage inside a newspaper Newsroom will face a judge this morning and today the survivors of the attack in Annapolis are defiant just hours after the attack the newspaper staffpublished it’s morning paper opinion page is mostly blank it includes a tribute to the five victims who lost their lives survivors of the attack continued working on today’s edition while they waited for updates on their colleagues the victims included for journalists and a sales ranging in age from 34 to 65 years old it is the one of rather the deadliest attacks on journalists in US history the shooting began just after 3 p.m. yesterday when the suspect burst into the Capital Gazette News Room armed with shotgun smoke bombs and flash grenades please tell CBS news they believe the suspect acted alone police a 38 year-old Jared Ramos has threatened the newspaper in the past and did so again just a few hours before the shooting he’s Chow with five counts of first-degree murder Norah O’Donnell has more from Annapolis the gunman entered building 888 caring smoke bombs shotgun and headed straight for the Gazette news room today to come in this person was prepared to shoot people his intent was to cause harm these hid under their desks while the shooters bullets pierce the glass front door some said they could hear screams as their friends fell around them across the entrance of the Capital Gazette office pointing the gun deeper into the office like he was targeting people all five victims were gunned down on the building’s first floor at reporter Phil Davis describe the frightening scene as a war zone and said there is nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people get shot while you’re under your desk and then hear the gunman reload police arrive to the office in about 60 seconds to confront this and that time they evacuated 170 people from the building who exited with their hands raised high in the air sources tell CBS News the shooter was hiding under a desk and a damaged his finger tips to make it harder for police to identify him with fingerprints but Federal authorities later use facial recognition technology to determine just we wuz police then searched his home for any clues are primary job right now is to make sure that we prasino get enough evidence to make sure we can prosecute this case call Joyce me now from Annapolis Maryland Sonora you have been on the ground in Annapolis you can speak into Witnesses you’ve been speaking to officials what more have you learned about this case Capital Gazette which is one of the oldest papers in America this has been the deadliest attack against journalist and US history and this morning they went ahead and publish the paper even though there’s about 30 members of the staff I love them were killed yesterday they were able to publish this paper this morning and when I forgot very earlier this morning and saw the opinion page and saw that it blank I have to tell you I did I did tear up because it says today are speechless this page intentionally left blank today to commemorate the victims of Thursday’s shooting in our office and so this has affected not only the people who work at the capital of his outfit also here in Anne Arundel County and Anna light switch is a you know a resort town where people live in work but also a close community and wondering how did this happen is the police chief said to me this morning they still have a lot of questions so I can only imagine I want to talk more although at least about the victims they were all journalist they were all working at this newspaper in journalist four of them were editors in fact one of the other reporters said on television last night he believes that they were targeted because they were of this newspaper on Gerald Fishman he was the capitals editorial page editor and his co-workers called him to quiet and Brilliant us and he was the assistant managing editor and a columnist he love to Mentor journalist he also just celebrated his 33rd wedding anniversary with his wife last month reporter John McNamara he had a passion for sports certainly of the Washington Nationals picture in this community for a long time Wendy Winters she was a mother-of-four a Navy mom a girl scout leader and then Rebecca Smith who had just started working at the paper she was a sales assistant there also a mom and so this paper is still grieving for these five journalist who were killed and it’s not known and it doesn’t appear that they had any relationship with the suspect according to law enforcement officials the suspect suspect had a long-running grievance against this newspaper why because way back in 2011 Jared Ramos had been threatening a a girl he was injured on Facebook it went to court he got a misdemeanor charge and then the paper wrote a story about hey your son wants your profile harassment story nation and it was ultimately tossed out and that led to this grievance this long-standing grievance he had against the Capital Gazette he can’t even threatened the former reporter the colonists who wrote that story he had threatened to the former editor a guy by the name of Tom Arquette Marquette dead and yet the police could not pursue those sort of threats and so now we are here years later so I think the questions is the police chief said to me what finally set the suspect off what cost him a year ago to go this shotgun and what led him here yesterday to take the lives of 5 journalist yeah what was the trigger cuz obviously his resentment and anger had been simmering for a while his complaints on social media so is that true the focus for law enforcement now figuring out a motive or are they also sort of looking at other things as well for many years she’s really one of the best in this business and I asked her about everything thing you asked me she said to me they clearly the suspect is is what they call an injustice collector and so in his mind he is been collecting all these Injustice is that the rejected him way back when that paper wrote about it that he got a misdemeanor charge about it but the judge then rebuke him and then clearly he hasn’t learned his lesson who knows what happened was made public in court documents it in the paper and that this Injustice collector then that all bees build up inside of him and it’s something must have set him off was it the words of a politician was it something else that happened and that’s just really what people was heard of stud it was interesting to me Amerie is that you’ll he had a pump-action shotgun no not a lot of these mass shootings that we say they normally have a semi-automatic weapon the question is his choice of weapon read did he buy it did he buy it legally those are still things that that that enforcement is going to answer questions on we’re going to be talking to Mary Ellen about you know her take on this type of person that would do something like this anoro Donald thank you very much thank you
Five people were killed Thursday at the offices of The Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland. The suspect, 38-year-old Jarrod Ramos, is in custody. He had threatened the newspaper in the past over their coverage of his guilty plea in a social media stalking case. “CBS This Morning” co-host Norah O’Donnell joins CBSN from Annapolis, Maryland, with the latest on the investigation.

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