New boating rules to protect whales come into effect

the department of fisheries and oceans is working to make the waters off Catalyst East Coast safer for whales and dolphins it’s cracking down further on voters getting too close for comfort let’s go to Peter Cowan I’m in Bay Bulls with more on this what are we going to learn from the DFO today Peter Heather later on this afternoon officials will outline these new rules but they’re already in effect to infect anyone hopping on this tour boat today is going to not be able to get quite as close to the whales as you could yesterday DFO has long head guidelines about keeping both away from Wales but now they’re going to be enforceable laws and there’s going to be fine to back them up so how close can you get well let’s take a look at the specific regulations so for example for whales off the coast of Newfoundland here it’s going to be 100 m that you have to stay away from them when you’re out on the water whether you’re a tour boat operator or just a pleasure craft on the West Coast Delaware they’re trying to protect orca whales it’s going to be 200m that you have to stay away that’s because of the Southern resident killer whale population there it’s endangered and they’re more concerned about keeping boats away from it and they’re going to tighten up what you’re allowed to do in and around whale tail for example no swimming is going to be allowed there was one company here in Newfoundland that offered you the chance to be able to swim with whales that’s not going to be allowed anymore so how is this these new rules going over while I was chatting with the tour boat operator here and he said they actually welcome these new rules because they’ve been basically following them for years he’s more concerned about small pleasure craft operators and there have been some companies though they haven’t always followed the rules in fact there’s a court case currently underway involving another tour boat operator charged with getting too close to some of the whales we actually captured it one CBC cameras when we were out in 2014 and that’s the making weights with court but DFO was hoping to start at least with education to make people aware of just what the rules are with the hopes that in the long run they’ll be able to stick to the Heather thank you very much Peter in Bay Bulls Newfoundland
Whales and other marine mammals are the subject of new Canadian regulations requiring boaters to keep their distance or else face hefty fines — giving teeth to what had previously been recommendations.

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