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you can see behind me that high cliff tarris is still closed jaw police have been on Steam for several hours investigating but I did also speak to many residents in this area who told me they are just shocked that something like this would happen in such a quiet neighborhood since we’ve been here so long I’ve never seen I would never think that something would happen here has lived here for her husband and daughter she says usually people keep to themselves and take the dogs out for a walk without a worry in the world police say they got the 911 call from the homeowner and husband around 7 this morning reporting the woman’s death when police got there they got a search warrant to go inside to investigate as to what may have happened inside this clean kept home please only say the victim is a woman in her 70s but according to property records does home is owned by Alan and eating Claxton Diane’s husband during the top Steve says he saw the swarm of police cars into work and hasn’t stopped thinking about the crime scene all day really weird people around you never know who’s who who lives next door to you their neck of the woods previous years but never to this extent scary you know something that that would happen in this neighborhood and just in general that these types of things happen in our world today it’s scary very shocking and disturbing
Allen Claxton, 75,  handed himself in to police in Stamford on Thursday, three weeks after his wife Eden died in their home. She had her throat slit and had been stabbed when police found her lying on the floor of their property after Allen called 911. It is not clear what he told them at the time but he gave no indication that he was to blame.

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