Neighborly dispute pays off for young lawn-mowing entrepreneur

we have an interesting story for young entrepreneur may be grateful this morning that police were called on him business is booming Adrienne is here with this 12 year olds story Adrian can you please talk with two neighbors living history of gripes the 12 year old was just caught in the middle of it but that complaint ended up being really good for his business me 12 year old Reggie feel he started a business this summer even hiring other kids me and friends to work for mr. Reggie’s lawn cutting service give me a call I will be there on time felt differently he and his crew were cutting Lucille whole cold police were apparently called because a neighbor complained the kids were cutting their grass too I’m so glad you’re doing something positive to you you should not begin the police called on you because you out here cutting grass officers arrived to speak to Colden and her neighbors what happened on Facebook Words spread quickly about the hard-working kids send me like how can I get in touch with these children where are they at I got property that I even want these kids so you know they cut their grass Reggie’s business is now booming support from the community flooding in one local business even donated Lawn Care Equipment to the kids and taught them how to use it they got it started out as a dispute turning into neighbors-helping-neighbors very sweet story very sweet ending rather an online fundraising account started by Lucille Colden more than $5,000 in again police never talked to the 12 year-old they talk to the neighbors got out of there but they didn’t want anybody to be discouraged the neighborhood complain higher the kid then I’ll be happy the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching
12-year-old Reginald Fields’ lawn-mowing business is booming after news spread of a neighbor calling the cops on him for cutting grass over their property line.

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