Neighbor of Capital Gazette shooter speaks out: ‘He kept to himself’

from what I heard they evacuated the whole building everybody had to leave cuz I guess I’m from what I understand he had grenades and stuff when they found them actually went through the didn’t know how long it was going to be until 2 in the morning but yeah it was pretty bad it’s pretty bad when you know your neighbor did something like that he was in the basement apartment it’s actually the first floor Captain selfie was quiet and I was up with video games that are played in a lot of War type games and stop shooting things so now you see everybody coming in and out from work and I didn’t even we didn’t even know if he had a job or anything we know what he did but from what I understand he wasn’t that friendly there was a fire in the building I want one time and he came out and we were supposed to evacuate the building and he went right back in his apartment I just I’m not leaving anyway right back in so it was kind of strange and he just lock the door when you stay then that people have to do things like this I’m all for freedom and all that but Freedom with guns I’m not so fond of and I know I’ll probably get it some hate stuff from this one but I really think we need some better gun control laws here I mean for somebody to have grenades who knows what else you could have had down there and I could have blown up the whole building on whatever you know when they just kick doors open and start shooting people who knows you don’t know but that’s people off
John Cusumano described his neighbor, who opened fire at the staff of the Capital Gazette in Annapolis June 28, as “quiet.” Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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