Mutated HIV strains spark faster developing AIDS-related illnesses

I just couldn’t believe it’s my heart my life just flashed before me because I knew was going to be totally change he comes from Cody first nation in Saskatchewan where HIV rates or 11 times higher than the national average for a lot of these people are covered up sexual trauma to the return to the bottle or to the needle 80% of people who have HIV in the province are indigenous for other health reasons he wants others to know people with the virus can live long comfortable wives stressing out there today study in a scientific journal AIDS underscores that researchers heard about an HIV mutation in Japan for in Saskatchewan they found it especially but not only in the Indigenous population we’re all humans we all share the same gene pool the study found anyone with a mutation could develop illnesses but that antiviral drugs work if the HIV is caught the medications that we have to treat HIV work equally well just thousand needles each day to prevent the spread of HIV worker say more education is needed we are so finding that people are not fully using these resources and and that’s mainly because of a lack of awareness HIV groups are pushing for more people to get tested and Saskatchewan is spending an additional $600,000 this year for HIV medications Bolivia stefanovic Regina about 75,000 Canadians have HIV but one in five don’t know it which makes transmitting the virus much more likely in 2016 there were more than 2,300 new HIV infection that’s more than 11% from the year before and Saskatchewan has the highest diagnosis rate more than double the national average and Nova Scotia has seen 16 new HIV cases in the first six months of 2018 that’s usually what the problem an entire year that’s unclear what caused the junk but it’s prompted The Province to take steps it’s expanding access to pre-exposure prophylaxis or prep jurisdictions that fund the medication have reported a 40%. the new HIV cases
New research suggests mutated strains of HIV in Saskatchewan are leaving infected people vulnerable to faster development of AIDS-related illnesses. The issue is most prevalent in the province’s Indigenous population — 80 percent of people who have HIV in Saskatchewan are Indigenous.

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