‘Mummy, can you spray my face white?’- BBC News

I am going to collect my son from a friend that she said a picture of my son having smeared sudocrem nappy cream on his face and he asked me mom can you spray my face white I asked him well why is why do you want me to spray your face white and he said well I don’t want to be Brown rather than going to pull any kind of face I’ll react in any kind of way so why don’t you want to be brown mommy’s Brown Daddy’s Brown Beetle Bailey all the people that you love those people or brown I really want you to encourage your child to express themselves even if it shocks you inside the alarm to embarrasses you like I just to take some measurements out and just say to your child how many wants to speak about you know becoming white then he knows that I’m not going to overreact to blow up I’m just going to let you know sit down I leveled what you thinking

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