Multiple deaths in shooting at Maryland newspaper

Bears breaking news out of Annapolis Maryland we are hearing reports that multiple people have been shot at the Capital Gazette newspaper The Baltimore Sun which owns the paper says a reporter told them of the shooting say afternoon sir this afternoon now the police sheriff has told Fox News that multiple people are dead and that the suspect has been apprehended for also hearing lots of different recording around this and what is saying this is these are mugshot of what you can see happening outside of that newspaper and as you can see they’re there people with their hands in the air leaving the building so this is a newspaper in Maryland and you can see that this is a live situation that is unfolding right now as people with their hands in the air are leaving that building again we getting this is a fluid situation so we don’t know all of the details but we are hearing reports that multiple people have been shot that multiple people are dead as a result of a shooting that a suspect has been apprehended but they’ve also been reports that if there could be an active shooter there could be other suspects as you can see this is this teen in Annapolis Maryland this is where this is at newspaper that is owned by the Baltimore Baltimore Sun a reporter has told American Media Outlets about what has been happening they are so we’re watching these scenes live we’re going to try and find out more information but this is what’s taking place right now again we’re seeing a large police presence there outside of this newspaper where reports are that as you can see many people walking with their hands in the air as you can see a large a first responder presents so obviously live helicopter shots of Annapolis on Maryland so not too far from the West Capitol with multiple people shot multiple people dead after a shooting at a newspaper there
A number of people have been fatally shot at a newspaper office in Annapolis, Md. To read more:

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