Mixed messages in Washington, confusion on the border

president Trump’s executive order may have put an end to his policy of family separation from the US Mexico border it is left much unresolved it’s doing is it’s going to make people turn away to the problem it still exists in 2,300 kids still separated what about the very young children that cannot even speak what about the parent who’s trying to communicate with them and can only speak to the caseworker how can I even guarantee that even talking about the right child Carlos Garcia is an immigration lawyer in McAllen Texas everyday he hears new stories of separations I’m looking in their eyes and I see the tears coming down their face and they’re asking me please help me find my child and I don’t I don’t have an answer from this day where is my child and I said I don’t know Federal courtroom on Thursday when prosecutors declined to bring charges against 17 migrant for them it was little consolation when we’re talking to people who have had their children taken away from them a prosecution for a misdemeanor charge is not the thing that they’re thinking about a similar by prosecutors in El Paso also appeared at odds with Trump zero-tolerance party policy and Customs and Border Patrol tell the post they will no longer refer my grandparents for prosecution put in the president Stone it is difficult to detect a change clarify if you’re going to continue Prosecuting family can come across the border the parents we have a very tough policy and minions are people pouring into our country we can’t have that we have no choice to Carlos Garcia just want some clarity a confusing and that disorganized they’re doing a disservice to us the American people because if they’re going to implement something that’s really affecting so many human beings they really have to have track together

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