Mitt Romney: Russia Probe Is ‘Totally Appropriate’ | Kasie DC | MSNBC

Mitt Romney’s political comeback is in full swing the 2012 Republican Presidential nominee won a landslide Victory and Utah’s GOP Senate primary on Tuesday I caught up with Romney in the wake of his win this week and I started out by asking him why at a time when so many Republicans leaving Washington he wants to go critical time I think we’re going into AA turbulence internationally of significance and I think domestically are economies going to get turn its head by virtue of artificial intelligence and automation I think you need to have people in Washington to understand how the economy works tonight I think I’m one of those you mention of foreign policy in the world in 2012 you called Russia our greatest geopolitical foe was it to Russia that this is without question are number one geopolitical foe do you still think that’s the case of Vindicated Dave acted like a geopolitical foe are they back some of the world’s worst actors live invaded neighboring Nations and of course they’ve interviewed with democracies and the electoral process is not only in the US but around the world political adversaries that doesn’t mean we’re ever going to be in the end of a kinetic conflict with them or with the other major Nations like China for China is also becoming a bit of a geo-political. Competitor if you will if that’s a better word other pushing against various parts of the world and you got the authoritarian regimes who want to denigrate democracy and the nature of our Republic and a substitute a form of authoritarianism his National Security adviser is in Russia right now planning that meeting our leaders have to recognize their interest is to weaken democracies like around as the if you could you will the leader of the Free World they want to see us in particular be weakened and so pushing back against them and holding a strong hand always make sense a competitor and adversary if you will in a geopolitical since we’re not going to go to war with Russia hopefully never and likewise with it with other major Nations but but his interests are very different than our interest and and his interest is play a greater greater dominant role to impress people and Nations around his Nation former Soviet States and that is not something which is acceptable to people who value freedom I think it said totally appropriate evaluation by our government Russia’s clearly trying to become involved in the electoral process here in the store that process we need to find out how and where punish the people who have potentially been in call Danette kind of disruption and I’d like to see the Mueller investigation guy completed take it to his conclusion I doubt you’re going to see something which implicates the president I think that’s very unlikely based I’m kind of the soundings that that have been hurt but I do think we need to understand where Russia has been trying to play and to make sure they can’t do so in the future do you think this has become the third rail for Republicans immigration they talk about 4 gameplay see a new immigration policy political success for the Democrats immigration of something they use to stimulate their base to get people to turn out and disappoint them at The Ballot Box but then they don’t do anything about it I mean there was a time as you may recall when President Obama had super majority both the house and the Senate they could have passed immigration reform like he said he was going to in his first year he promised got turned out alright you can respect someone who fights for something even if it gets turned down President Obama President Obama added both Chambers supermajority didn’t do anything now I happen to believe that there’s a Goodwill in both parties and that if we real leadership and hopefully that comes in the White House to say look let’s get this part of it done that we’re going to be able to see something happen if not I’m going to keep fighting for it as one of those that really cares about this issue it’s just it’s just nuts to see what we seen for all these years Pathway to citizenship for dreamers to be able to get in line like everybody else no special pathway and I agree with what the president said early in the year which is the dreamers are to be given legal status until they work out what they want to do with your guys citizenship you mention at Goodwill say there’s Goodwill in both parties the country has been embroiled in this debate over Civility and whether or not it’s even possible in in the climate that we’re living in currently do you think civility is dead Dad I think it’s just not being practiced in many corners of Washington DC and most people get along Republicans Or democrats whether it’s a Republican or Democrat comic store nearly divisive and particulate what’s covered in the in the news obviously someone likes their hair on fire that’s what makes the news but there are a question disability that’s just Humanity basic they’re going to stand up and and a make their their position because people going to public places if you will crossing the White House or or you know the mall across from the nation’s capital in the gathering together and protesting in that way the message is heard loud and clear but harassing people I just don’t think that’s very effective and frankly is hope to go to wash then I hope it doesn’t catch your wife and Rami you said you think he’s going to get reelected who I will support yeah I did say I think you’ll get reelected I mean I also think the Gavin Newsom will get elected in California that’s just something I want to see is just something that’s probably going to happen Republican primary I think the president support him and Republicans what does it now 90% approval suggest he will be able to become the nominee relatively easily and I think the Democrats are going to go further left their likely to nominate someone further from the mainstream of American thought and a setting like that I think the president gets reelected look for that but the time will count hey there thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos
As President Trump continues to call the special counsel’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election a “hoax,” former GOP presidential nominee and current candidate for Senate, Mitt Romney is backing the investigation.
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Mitt Romney: Russia Probe Is ‘Totally Appropriate’ | Kasie DC | MSNBC

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