Missing Thai soccer team found alive in cave

I’ll governor in Thailand says rescue divers have found the soccer team of 12 boys and their coach alive within a week after the group went missing in a cave first found the team the governor says Medics are evaluating the boys to see if their health is in good condition and they will care for them until they’re strong enough to move BBC Southeast Asia times during this last 9 days when many people who yet but young to lose hopefully nobody said so publicly technical challenges which drove them right back to the entrance made it seem almost impossible but they could find boys off parole whose location they simply didn’t know they guess where they probably gone with the most extraordinary determination they pushed on countering very very Swift zero visibility really quite frightening conditions even great spirits diver’s the news has gone in the last 2 days we spoke to divers a few hours ago who are definitely looking a lot more positive what playing knew was that they could get through to this area and I just gave where they guess the boys were what they didn’t know was whether they would find them be alive and they have their life and they’ve been found another state of health for the governor is saying they are old safe for the moment to everybody here but it’s just something almost unbelievable that that absorbing but it seems increasingly hard to believe in now of course the challenge of getting them out of there a meeting taking place now to look at what the options are heavy rain is expected later that could make the water in there a great deal more dangerous if that you can hear from these generators constant pumping going on bringing out huge amounts of water from the cave they met up to try to do that to get the boys out when they get the water levels fix whatever health problems they’ve got treat them rebuild last drink before they could even think about bringing them out or they may consider trying some how to give them rudiment free diving training and to bring them outside established but it is a very technically difficult way out so that’s a huge challenge for the moment this is the most extraordinary good news and it fell behind this message to tell you the lies of these boys and that coach to CBS News in caves Northern Thailand
A governor in Thailand says rescue divers have found a soccer team of 12 boys and their coach alive more than a week after the group went missing in a cave. Thai Navy SEALs released a video on Facebook showing the moment rescuers first found the team. BBC News’ Jonathan Head reports.

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