Missing Thai boys ‘found alive’ in caves- BBC News

we’re going to bring you some breaking news now that’s been coming in to us within the last few minutes it has been reported from Thailand that rescue divers that have now located the 12:00 Boys on that football coach who happened flooded caves and have found them alive that happened no contact with the boys are aged between 11 and 16 since they went missing with that coach nine days ago that’s a picture of the boys with Echo huge rescue effort has been launched by the tile Thursday as it has been hampered by heavy rains that had flooded the timeline cave in the north of the country now the local governor of that has set in the law 2 minutes that the boys have been found safe which is extraordinary development really that happened growing efforts to try to find them huge results is brought in by the authorities and the time military classmates up those 12 boys have been really hoping for a miracle because that divers have been inching that way through thick mud water winding crevices trying to get to the a pocket where they believe the group of boys in their football coach what they brought in pipes to pump out the wolves have to keep the water levels as low as possible that have there been contact hassle with the boys ever since they went missing more than a week ago 9 days ago it’s been an absolutely massive rescue effort that been British cave experts who holds open Draw today in and try to help those are some of the pipes you can see that they’ve been using to pump out a vast amount of water but they knew that more heavy rains were coming later this week so it has been a Race Against Time by the time with art is bring down the water levels and to reach the boys after they have now according to the local Governor they have reach the boys and they all alive we don’t show what condition that rental a very unlikely that any food will clean drinking water for the last few days that they’ve been in there but this was the wild boar football team as it was known and at the school that they were a members also have said it’s been a very painful week that they’ve been praying for the boys hoping against hope that they would be found alive scores of dive is including foreign experts have been sent to the cave they’ve taken with them hundreds of oxygen tanks if I had a base camp nearby at above-ground several teams drilling trying to get into the Labyrinth of darkened at tunnels been desperately difficult logistical operation relatives if the boys have been camped out of the cave entrance for more than a week desperately waiting for the news of that loved ones and now if this news is rice and it is confirmed that it has come from the governor of the province say there’s no reason to disbelieve it clearly that is where we relatives have been that day-in day-out waiting and praying will be absolutely elated with this news team of footballers and that assistant coach shoes 25 years old went into the cave back on June 23rd this was after training session are they then go karts off and they all stuck in the caves when they were heavy rains which I’m off from the entrance now Rescuers then found that bicycles they found football boots I found backpacks near the Cave’s entrance they’ve been discovered a handprints and footprints for the rent so they didn’t know that they were but they were really the only signs of the boys and it was a huge network of cave so very difficult to locate exactly where they were today even if they were still alive the cost Thailand people have been maintaining hope and belief that these boys might be found alive and really it’s made news rice around the world not just in Thailand that they did have some access to freshwater in the cave and it’s possible that they may have taken some snacks with them maybe even headlamps we don’t know but clearly if they happen how to live well with seems to be the case that is a coolest the great rejoicing I know there any for that friends and relatives in that class mates and that’s cool but sat all the Thailand and this is a story that’s going to go around the world fantastic news if that is confirmed we will bring you more details on what appears to be a dramatic rescue if those boys and that coach from that cave and Thailand
All 12 boys and their football coach have been found alive after nine days missing in caves in Thailand, the regional governor says.
All 13 are safe, Narongsak Osottanakorn confirmed, speaking after a mammoth search operation in the Tham Luang caves in Chiang Rai.
They were discovered by naval special forces, he said.
Rescuers had hoped they would find safety from flooding on a mound in an underground chamber.
The group’s plight gripped the country and led to an outpouring of support.
Rising water and mud had impeded the search by divers.

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