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ABC news story at a tile and rescue crews recovering 13 people alive we know that those two officials have been searching for a soccer team that missing after they were playing in caves and that cave was subsumed by floodwaters are taking a look at that search effort and now we know the good news this today that those 13 people were found alive after a week buried in a k ABC James Longman has been following this hunt for those those 12 soccer players and their coach and James joins us now live by the phone James I know you’re on the way to where they may have recovered these people up yeah absolutely with the group of divers get out soon I’m running towards the jungle much further down we had previously understood 107 bumblebee very heavy security that is around head to try to get these boys out now but we’d have no idea about that condition what state find out hi people would come from all over the country to help with the medical supplies United States well we’re watching unfold I had about they really beat the clock as far as the weather goes I know earlier we were talking about how the weather conditions really have played a factor in this search effort and they were worried about the upcoming rain that were to be expected can you tell us a little bit about the terrain these rescue workers have been working through and also what the weather could have done those in Hibbing this search effort basically the heart of the jungle big mountains around made this whole area absolutely well past your foot antidote find it stops raining in about an hour totally flooded professional TV cookies from around the world Chilean miners when they were rescued and it’s just tremendous to see these images playing out any indication from authorities about how long he could take before we see some of those those kids in their coach come out of that cave gynecologist series of Peaks and troughs we understand that. but I have to be done carefully and slowly and it has to be done more training schedule James I know you’re making your way there to the scene while we have you on the phone we are talking also about the police there’s a harrowing effort by police an amazing effort by all those rescue teams that you mention from across the world and tie Navy Seals you mentioned international team they’re looking for these young boys but we want to play those images of a government making this announcement and you can see the cheer there even if you don’t understand exactly what they’re saying you can see the chair is the Elation there the room James I know that you’ve been on the ground talking to families to friends all of those people who have congregated in the area praying for the best this is certainly a best-case scenario people especially rescue we never we should about them stay inside and not leaving can you afford experiences I mean we should ready the very latest we know that these boys are alive but as you mentioned we don’t know what condition they may be in but certainly alive and discovered because of that heroic effort by so many teams as we mentioned across the world people riveted by this search for you mention that there may have been American involvement are at and you’re traveling your embedded with some of those teams that are that we’re working to search for these boys can you talk a little bit about the efforts there remember swimming K GPS tonight has meant that as it’s in the shop recovery it might be tonight anyway cave diving in Tennessee like I’m sure this must have left an impression on you one of the things we do here at ABC News live is pull back the curtain on what it’s like to cover these kinds of stories I know you mentioned how happy you are that you’re finally covering maybe what seems to be really happy ending are you cautious as you as you approach that cave about what you’re going to see if the conditions outside the money it is being stranded like that thinking that you might die I mean you know can find places to sing with jubilation I’m waiting outside tonight good luck out there by John Cohen DHS acting undersecretary also an ABC News contributor John and I can you hear me thank you so much for joining us we wanted to talk to you today about what these rescue efforts really and tail from your perspective you know when you’ve dealt with trash need or or crises of this nature what are the rescue teams are what were they going through and then what’s the next process from here this is what every rescuer hopes for take extensive and unified activities by national authorities local authorities State authorities and even private sector organizations who I provide supplies and support to those of those involved in the rescue the family members of those who may be trapped and and people who are helping from the community so what will happen next they will fully remove that the kids from the cave will be given initial medical evaluations and then they’ll be some psychological support as well that will be ongoing and again it sounds like it’s really good news we we surely hope this ends as happily as it seems like it may I know that we have dispatched teams the United States is dispatch team does James was mentioning from Okinawa and and we are helping and assisting in those what goes into the u.s. calculation in collaboration with other countries when they were crises abroad Emergency Medical Services summer volunteers some are paid people our military also has a search-and-rescue capabilities as well we very often will send those teams still dispatch and go over the world to respond and helping us earthquakes or major hurricane or other natural or man-made disasters there very very well trained or very well equipped they are coordinated and organized on the domestic FEMA DHS but it’s important that both to deal with natural disasters in this country and disasters or major incidents such as the one that confronting in Thailand right now and John I know it’s a delicate balance that these Thai government officials want to make sure and update the world on what’s Happening they must be pretty optimistic to come out and celebrate the rescue of these 13 people alive does that when did that say anything to you about their confidence in their condition but the fact that you do have government authorities making statements or seemingly suggest the resolution to this issue is going to be a positive one that does fill me with some positive feelings are or hope at least but again as I stay off and on our are you know we have to wait and see and confirm it ourselves and John also at least rescue workers were dealing with the lack of time when it comes to the weather the impending storms or rain was supposed to fall as James was mentioning in the coming weeks we know that this was this was started by I lose their on that mountain into the caves and this could have been the rescue efforts really could have been hampered so they beat the clock it sounds like environment is not necessarily on your side that the conditions can hamper irescue but the conditions of the area that’s that’s that your Excavating and trying to extract the people from but also the conditions of weather conditions everyday that goes by association such as this more likely that you arrest operation will turn into a recovery operation so again the fact that this much time has gone by tells me but this much time has gone by makes us and even happier story if it turns out that it at these kids are all being rescued thank you so much for joining us an ABC News contributor I believe on reporter live with us now Elizabeth can you hear us Hi how are you thank you so much for joining us and clearly this is this is Elation and Jubilation that were saying in Thai and as we hear these 13 people may be alive 12 youngsters a soccer coach talk to me a little bit about what the u.s. coordinated effort might look like to help in these disasters we heard that a little bit from John fryer obviously wonderful news and hopefully that’s they know all the children are found alive we actually learned about this in the middle of a defense press Gaggle we were gathered with reporters and someone saw the notification on iPhone yelled out to one of these people asking you know breaking news what what can you tell us they’re still trying to confirm the what role the US military would have played in this rescue they have not confirm that at this time but we do know that a search and rescue team from us Pacific command is team was based out of Okinawa and Japan about 30 people and they were comprised of obviously the search and rescue Personnel but a survival specialist other support personalities people who would have been familiar with how to operate in the jungle how to operate in cave and they landed in Thailand on Thursday they’ve been assisting with operations and really has been coming through here as they are really in full support of the operation is being conducted by the Thai officials not wanting to get ahead of them but the wind was just so you know you have allies in any way possible is there a shelf life are deployed retreat at some point when there seems like hope is lost but in this case maybe stay a lot longer knowing that there maybe that glimmer of hope and like we’re staying play out in real time as as our viewers are watching right now those images that these 12 people at 12 if I should say and their coach may come out alive and okay from this was talking to someone on the phone this weekend as you’re saying you know you never know what you do stay longer do you need more support that person was saying this at that time they just had understood that the 30 search and rescue team members who were there with the ones we’re going to remain there was no indication that they were going to leave at any point but this is something you was military doesn’t sometimes we often forget as they do help countries around the world of the Argentinian submarine went missing several months ago and US military had quite a bit of equipment and Personnel that they deployed to try to assess the Argentine authorities in that process so this is something the US military does regularly they have highly strength scenarios and that was Elizabeth McLaughlin reporting from the Pentagon thank you so much for sharing your time and your Insight Elizabeth we appreciate it want to head over to Aunt Marissa who the national cave rescue Commission from the national cave rescue Commission on MAR can you hear me to a very intense rescue operation we were talking to our correspondent who’s there on the ground about the difficult to rain that these rescue forces have had to deal with what comes next weather to diving or if you’re another entrance that eventually making what they’re going to supply them and sit you until the water goes down I don’t have information on on what they are currently thinking at that point but those are the three primary options and you know it first these refuse teams search team didn’t know if these boys were alive if they weren’t what do you think the indications were that they should continue searching you’re alive but proceeding carefully and once we know that they are alive then we shift our Focus to a rescue type of operation the officials there on the scene now and have that information and that’s that gives them more directions which way how difficult you touched on this just a bit how difficult is a rescue operation of this nature Rescuers at risk because people try to do things that we may be ill-advised it’s also very difficult because if it’s there rain does not subside and left to allow the water to go down for long enough to get them out then the decision has to be made evacuate them and if they do try to evacuate them through diving that is probably one of the most dangerous and difficult things that I can imagine but also trying to put in another entrance is also incredibly difficult I’ve been on on over a hundred refuse and I would rank this a month I wanted it be most difficult that I can imagine I’m not personally on it but I’ve been following it pretty closely conditions as he mention how is that delicate balance struck between making sure that the rescuers themselves stay safe but also continue to forge forward and trying to find his victims Rescue first offer qualified for doing what they’re doing and but then also that they’re not been hampered by officials or that pressure to do something so allowing them to do what they need to do in trusting that they know what they you doing I’m more mirrors at thank you so much for joining us an expert in cave rescues are we we think our entire team for doing it’s just to recap what we’re looking at those live images coming out of Thailand a true Miracle announced by Thai government that 12 soccer players young soccer players and their coach who are stuck in a cave for them to be either alive or dead there in that cave on a mountain as they were playing in a cave subsumed with flood waters test search is been going on for a week now we know all 13 people are presumed alive we’re going to continue to follow the very latest on this James Longman reporting there from the ground in Thailand for World News Tonight Morin ABC News live on the ABC News and ABC news.com New York have a great day
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