Missing soccer team found alive in flooded cave

it is great to see that incredible rescue in Thailand we are certainly rejoicing that it is truly a miracle got the news right there so exciting but the boys are not out of danger yet this morning official scrambling to find a Safeway to get them out the condition still treacherous ABC James Longman is on the scene in Thailand of the latest good morning James Good morning George that was a real sense of elation when the news broke her last night the boys have been found this entire Camp went wild and we are just hearing now the phone line has been installed all the way into that cave so that parents can speak play for the first time but as you say they are not out of danger yet off the 10 days of painstakingly battling heavy rains and mudslides an is zero visibility to British drivers this morning full 12 teenage soccer players on that coach got it together exhausted and hungry but alive the group also asking the drivers how long they’ve been trapped in this elaborate 7 Mile cave dwelling you are very strong very strong outside price of release and Joy from The Voice family many of whom had sat individual 24 hours a day rescue is from 6 countries including the US military as well as hundreds of Thai official I joined into such a fight for the boys who originally went into the cave is a fun Excursion off to soccer practice but will quickly Trap by Rising floodwaters into the cave but in fact they were found another three to four beyond that point Cruise have been working around-the-clock using huge pump to reduce the water levels Rising roots and air tanks along the Route drivers were finally able to enlarge the narrow passageway to a team in order to get into the crevasse thanks but it’s families Rejoice rescue its face another dilemma getting a group of weekend young boys out of this dangerous cave The Voice food electrolytes antibiotics and painkillers but officials must now way several rescue strategies including draining the flood waters take care of Passage teaching the group to scuba dive so they can swim out on their own or bringing them supplies to serve until the water subside which could take several months 100 degrees this meant they didn’t have hypothermia to worry about who said they were able to drink fresh water from cracks in the Rock but they give you some idea of how far they are in that forfeit trains Navy Seals we already not out of the woods yet not at all buddy so hard to wrap your head around the fact that they were found alive take us back to that moment using to relax 24/7 Mission around the clock and we heard the news and we couldn’t believe it at first it was just a rumor but it is extraordinary to be here for good news story we spend so much time around the reporting on side of vents that I talk to you from different places about those sorts of things but here today the Thai people are so happy and it’s absolutely brilliant to be a part of it get more videos show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching
Divers are bringing the boys and their coach food and medical supplies but officials must now weigh several rescue strategies to get them out of the cave.

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