Millions Across The U.S. Facing Dangerous Heat | NBC Nightly News

sweltering summer heat now settling into the East Coast it’s so hot after swapping the Midwest for days it’s definitely funny definitely hot play weekend in Chicago it feels like 107° the Department of Transportation had to water down the Michigan Avenue Bridge so we could open and closed for passing boats in New York and New Jersey cooling centers are open through the weekend if you have to Brave the hot weather some tips avoid strenuous activity where light clothing drink plenty of fluids her neighbors and family and don’t forget your pets usually take her out early in the morning and then later in the evening and constantly giving her fluids AAA estimates 47 million Americans are traveling this 4th of July the highest number since tracking began at New York’s famous Coney Island it’s not just the dogs that are hot it turns out the toughest game on the boardwalk is staying cool cuz I see hopes I’m sure tomorrow is going to be the high temperature in New York City above 90 degrees for 5 days in a row that would be the longest heat wave in 2 years YouTube channel subscribe here to watch a latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusive thanks for watching
120 million Americans are under heat warnings or advisories this weekend. Experts recommend if you have to go outside, avoid strenuous activity, wear light clothing and stay hydrated.

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