Michael Moore says ‘wimpy’ Dems must bring down Trump

time now wait for it Friday follis documentary Raymond Arroyo so Raymond what the heck did two cheeseburger say last I am a civil as I as any eagle scout Catholic Altar boy could be when confronted with a double kidnapping children and putting them in jail never painted any Stark violent terms because when you hear that the only way that we’re going to stop this is exactly what I have to put our bodies on the line you’re going to have to be willing to do this line if it’s going to be a big line we could send Michael Moore to the board and then only have to race Harvard is seems like they have a little Antique Asian bias this is weird my group is suing University admissions policy that puts a finger on the scale Asian admissions to diversity diversity is the highest value I have something they call personal ratings in the Admissions Office at will put up on the screen this is the Marx against asian-americans respected least positive personality I don’t know about when after those protesters on her husband baptism pretty courageous and helpful to me I think this is going Papa can that is and hobos play gracefully he writes the songs outside your Pharmacy in like Barry Manilow I have a mild migraine cuz I’m here Manilow from sunup to sundown and summer complaining on social media about it like this but it may be the right tune at the wrong time but it is keeping they’re telling him would you rather panhandlers or Manilow take your pick classical pieces with people don’t realize I think it’s so opposite to the chaotix one thing is clear looks like we made it
Filmmaker calls on Democrats to put their ‘bodies on the line’ to stop the president; Raymond Arroyo shares ‘Friday Follies’ on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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