Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney, speaks out

president Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen is speaking out going sat down with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos for an off-camera interview over the weekend in which he said his family and Country come first this comes after the FBI raid Cohen’s home office in hotel in April as part of an investigation into his business dealings phone has been a long time fixer for president Trump but in recent weeks the president has sought to distance himself from corn sad quotes to be crystal clear my wife my daughter and my son and this country have my first loyalty joining me now from Washington is Hunter Walker he is a White House correspondent for Yahoo thanks for coming on with this one once said that he take a bullet for president Trump you sent a change of tone here yeah this is just the most recent indication of sort of a growing distance between both men you saw Cohen officially relinquish this position he had on the RNC you had finally after a long. Where it just wasn’t clear the White House definitively state that Conan is no longer the president’s personal attorney and now this interview were not only did he make those comment you highlighted but you also said you know he rejects anybody who would vilify the FBI said that even if they raided his office you know he thanked them for their service and that’s a real departure from what we’ve seen from the president where he’s you don’t criticize the color red are aspects of the Justice Department investigation into him and his inner circle as a witch-hunt and Cohen really rejected that so there’s definitely you know I think we could say the growing Rift cooperate is a legal strategy that that could possibly be problematic for the prison or do you think he’s just really facing financial difficulties with all the legal fees that are piling up right so it there there’s a couple things to unpack here the first is that you know we know reporting and others that phone is being looked at for several things including his own Financial dealings which include an extensive taxi cab business his own real estate holdings he’s pretty wealthy guy he’s also getting invested investigated for some things that have gone on in his dealings with the president including his efforts to try to develop a Trump Tower in Moscow and also the payments to the women turn McDougall and Stormy Daniels several different fronts there the legal costs are mounting I think two ways this interview is being read is either you know Cohen indicating he might be willing to cooperate or potentially call when sending a message to the president because as you alluded to earlier he’s is very known as a fiercely loyal pitbull for Trump every other comment he’s made his complementary in this may be assigned to the president that you know he’s not going to as he said in the interview be anyone quote punching bag code their let’s take a turn to foreign policy now president Trump is congratulating the winner of Mexico’s presidential election saying he looks forward to working with them Andres Manuel Lopez obrador has vowed to take a tougher stance against the US president so what is this election mean for us Mexico relations you think things are going to get better or do you think he’s just been holding fire until the president Trump said something to insult him right this is most most important when it comes to trade just like we’ve seen president Trump say he’s going to have sort of an America First policy when it comes to trade doesn’t want to do bad deals Lopez obrador has ended the same for his country that you know he wants to renegotiate didn’t have Mexico come first he feels like they’ve been taken advantage of so I think that’s the most start shift down there I have seen some coverage of people saying you know Lopez obrador he is a leftist populist and he’s an anti Trump president but the truth is especially given the president there is no non anti Trump candidate in Mexico I mean the current Administration has said they won’t pay for the wall they’ve said very very tough things to the president so the relationship is already not good but I do think he knows he’s going to be a tougher person to deal Fun Trade issue over the weekend I got along really well with German Kim we had a great chemistry did you mean to know is it possible have I been in deals have you been in things where people didn’t work out possible see the timeline for denuclearization remains unclear do you think the confidence is waning literally said yeah we went over there we met we didn’t do anything and a real stark contrast from particularly his Victory lap tweet that he sent out as he was returning from Singapore when he met with Kim Jong on and he said North Korea’s no longer a nuclear threat this was a big big Retreat from that claim of Victory and particularly since it comes as there’s indications from being a satellite photo is that North Korea stepping up uranium-enrichment so I think it’s definitely fair to say we seem to have taken a step back and the White House is projecting a lot less confidence about what they may have extracted North Korea which was what was said after that Summit was at North Korea has made these agreements again and again and broken him and he was single not this time this time I trust this guy but it’s important when he says he didn’t do anything published anything in terms from them back in town but he did do something in terms of agreeing not to do these nuclear at these military exercises with South Korea so you know we did give something up and now we’re acknowledging that we haven’t gotten anything in return contrast to something maybe basically we took a much more concrete step than they have it National Security advisor election the upcoming Trump Putin Summit the election meddling issue was definitely something we talked about and I thought it was significant now and are concerned what they’re doing in the 2018 election and what President Putin said through a translator of course but what he said was there was no meddling in 2016 by the Russians state statement I think it’s worth pursuing I’m sure the present will want to pursue it and both residents have a summit later this month so hundred you expect much to come of this particular issue during that sit down or they just going to kind of avoid that elephant in the room expect much to come from it because while we seen the US intelligence Community unequivocally declare that there was meddling I’m as we’ve seen from Bolton you know the White House is really the last 4 stats interested in splitting hairs on this in this believe so I’m not sure they would press on this one of the more interesting comments that I saw Bolton make about this was he know he said the meeting between Trump and Putin would be unstructured there be a lot of one-on-one time but also that it was a chance to get away from the noise Washington for the referring to the Mueller probe another issues and it almost seems like they’re explicitly acknowledging they love to have another headline to get away from some of the drama at home and I think that’s right now the clearest thing it seems like we could accomplish from this Summit it’s an overused but it is all about the Optics isn’t it a hunter Walker thanks so much thanks for having me
Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen says his family and country come first, raising questions about whether he’ll turn on President Trump. Yahoo News White House correspondent Hunter Walker joins CBSN to discuss Cohen’s new interview.

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