Mexico falls short at the World Cup yet again

Mexico’s World Cup streak has continued to the seventh straight time and made it through the round of 16 and for the 7th straight time it was eliminated at the exact stage of the tournament losing to Brazil like it did to nail on Monday no shame Brazil is a five-time champion and one of the favorites for the tournament that makes you put itself in that difficult position by panicking and its final group game against Sweden and avoiding what could have been a much easier round of 16 class against Switzerland it would have gone into as a significant favorite it was never in the running against Brazil to new victory that if it hadn’t been for the heroics of gold teeth have GMO Ochoa could have been so much worse for the thousands of Mexico fans who came here to Russia entrance Ilocos with a joy in color and passion and enjoyment of this great soccer spectacle it’s a sense of disappointment for the 7th straight time Mexico will go home feeling it could have accomplished just a little bit more
SportsPulse: USA TODAY Sports’ Martin Rogers on how Mexico’s thrilling start to the World Cup in Russia ultimately led to another disappointment.

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