Mexico backs far-left populist in presidential election

new president for Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez obrador some of his supporters call him a messiah Alberto as a left-wing populist and severe critical president Trump’s immigration policy they did not stop the president from tweeting overnight congratulations to Andres Manuel Lopez obrador on becoming the next president of Mexico I look very much forward to working with him there is much to be done that will benefit both the United Mexico Mexico City this morning the car horns began shortly after the exit polls showed a overwhelming Victory his Challengers conceded supporters poured into the streets to celebrate fueled by anger at the status quo they turned out in record numbers to vote for change maxon’s hope this election will be a turning point for their country rich in resources to Oceans plenty of Labor yet played by Decades of corruption violence and enduring poverty hold the door was elected as their savior did you tell you we will try to three basic principles do not lie do not steal and do not betray the people viva Mexico viva Mexico theft and fraud woven into all levels of Mexican government gives them aside they say to rescue them from in a quality of broken justice system and violence it is taken about 250,000 live Eric in the last decade magical with the with the drug cartels they are being well economy of the major oil exporter of our third largest trading partner today we share Intelligence on terrorism millions of Mexicans legal and not provide a backbone to our Agricultural and our service sectors it plays a key role in 2 of amerikaz most intractable immigration and drugs job to fight America’s Drug War penny proposes amnesty for marijuana and opium Growers and he also says he’s going to pull the military back from fighting Mexico or fighting the cartels you will now and immigration he made controversial statements suggesting open borders with no desire to help the US stop immigrants crossing the border Motors however believe over there will not jeopardize Mexico’s economy by picking a fight with us characters been a lot of spit Elation about how he might get along with President Trump who is universally disliked here in Mexico because the statement said he has made I had one columnist tell me I don’t think over double shake comes hand but on the other hand he doesn’t want to jeopardize the economy here by picking a fight do you
Mexicans turn to ‘messiah’ Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in hopes of ending decades of corruption, violence and poverty; William La Jeunesse reports on the impact of the election.

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