Media critics rush to politicize tragedy in Annapolis

politicization in the wake of tragedy the conscience of our nation and fill our hearts with grief journalists like all Americans should be free from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their job we can all agree on that here’s what we know so far the shooter killed five people wounded to going to a garage apparently he had with the paper going back a decade take away I think it’s a constant rhetoric coming even from the president that the Press is the enemy of the people we have seen a spike in threats against us since Donald Trump’s election join the ranks of Russia and third world nations were the reporters lives aren’t safe this rhetoric Inverness part of it goes there because the president has declared that the media is the enemy of the people stration maybe register people to vote as well and with that has, virtual call to replace with physical confrontation are you tell them they’re not welcome anymore everybody should not be terrorizing families and children tearing migrant children away from their parents holding those children to being an accomplice to This Crew deceitful Administration well I’m truly evil strikes has added tragically in Annapolis Maryland yesterday perhaps some deep breaths from all sides are in order I wrote a piece in the Federalist today about this media phenomenon he joins us along with News host of media Buzz attorney Anthony too great to see all of you reminded me of what happened in the wake of the Gabby Giffords we saw Sarah Palin blamed her website had the crosshairs over even though that had nothing to do June of last year after the Congressional baseball game so this pushing of the theories that conservatives or escaped Trump is responsible for this crazy person so bad to do speculation in general in the absence of fact it was bad enough to see many people in the media trying to blame Donald Trump before anybody knew what was happening was really alarming with it they kept with it even after the fax came out showing that there was no correlation between Donald Trump very strong criticism of the media and the shooting at the newspaper Indianapolis that’s really really bad for the medium themselves because they are under attack by a President Who does have strong criticism of them and it played right into the Hands by creating a false about the shooting the media obviously has been under a lot of pressure shrinking staffs budgetary constraints and now this they’ve had a very cantankerous relationship with the president their approval numbers the way down and now this is kellyanne Conway about this in a few moments but your take away this traffic I don’t agree that the President should be calling the press the enemy of the American people would Laura it is an absurd stretch to go from that to this blood on his hand claim which is a blood libel to blame this President maybe we agree with some of the critics agree that the president’s rhetoric does not help the environment is he directly the blame no but you know it’s just like the old store where you have the mother cat who has 3 Legacy hobbles and then I’ll have her kittens start hobbling that’s what the president has spent this country fit this country a lot of rhetoric and people out there pick on it and and we’ve become kittens and we start following the things that that that become not not pretty powerful in our country so no it’s not not blood directly on the president’s hands but to say that the environment isn’t so toxic that it can lead to something like this is not true as well after the Time Square attempted bombing that it could have been someone with a political garage let’s say someone who is against Obamacare stop letting people find so frustrating I mean I do agree that the way people talk can create bad atmosphere is motivated by political we don’t have these lengthy conversations about how uncivil rhetoric or a media complex that get people all upset about everything all the time whether that played a role if you’re going to claim that you need to be consistent about it no matter who is the Target or Vick how is a lot of folks are going back to this idea from day one depressed doesn’t seem to be doing its job in many cases there’s some great reporters out there but today we had Jim Acosta shouting as a present was doing a speech on we have the tape on that let’s watch you get the sense that they’re just doing it because they know it’s going to be clipped is going to be a YouTuber anti-trump audience and fortunately some of these unfortunately after this time he doesn’t match shootings I have seen people on the right on the left some time try to court part at some point I don’t like it on either side and here’s what’s really sad Laura five people who came to work everyday in Annapolis to try to serve their Community taking risks journalist because you write things that make people angry they’re dead and that’s being overshadowed by all of this over heated political rhetoric and hemp to Thai presidential with you like his rhetoric and not to this Bloodshed is really sad harass them telling people driving them out of public driving people out of public places what about that what about what that says to the hundreds and thousands of protesters out there against ice and against senators no that’s not healthy at all but I think Maxine Waters point was to protest I think she was very inartful and explaining herself and I want to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she wasn’t me too the economy is improving opportunities are expanding I think she knows exactly what she said because she’s been saying for years and years and years well I like I said I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt but I understand where you’re coming from but I do want to say that she never said there was any specific language and there’s nothing wrong with protest I don’t agree with harassing individual that I don’t agree with getting in someone’s face blocking their way do you know they’re right of passage but I do think that word around put some negative hard enough it’ll break through to the other side Linda sarsour everyone’s Linda sarsour now it’s one thing for political activist to do it this entirely another thing when you see the media and labeling it as well or cheering on some of these mob attacks it really is important that we have some shared space we can have discussions about important issues such as a border in for we don’t have a media environment that’s creating a place for people to push back
As critics blame Trump for the Capital Gazette newsroom shooting, is the president right that the mainstream media are covering his administration unfairly?

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