Medecins Sans Frontieres staff ‘used local prostitutes’ – BBC News

merchants on Frontier is one of the biggest foreign aid agencies in the world it brings vital medical supplies inclination to incredibly dangerous country we spoken people’s you say some Aid workers abuse that power in the field and exploited vulnerable women that was a transactional nature of the relationship it could have been that it was an exchange of money for sexual behavior he said oh it’s so easy to fall to medication with easy girls in Liberia and I thought what did he just say that was definitely an element of an abuse-of-power going on we have spent months hoping to women who used to work at endemic bullying misogyny and sexism inside the organization and in some cases even use a prostitute in the field when we spoke to a terrified of being blacklisted they said there was a huge crossover of Staff in foreign aid agency and that life can become very difficult if they spoke to us they were worried about syphilis reason they being filmed anonymously but this investigation is not about the doctors or nurses we’re told it was some of the logistical words using that power wheel in London she told us what she saw it when she was on a mission in Kenya project that was a senior member of Dolph he was being girls BNSF house and that they were having sexual relationships but it was infested like these girls were very young and they were roommates be prostitues the security Nairobi is quite high so I’m thinking wasn’t this the risk to my security when people was staying overnight challenge because we met another whistleblower in Europe she asked us not to name a city she told staff that said it was possible to bought a sex the medication with women who were getting medically he said oh it’s so easy and said it as if it was nothing it’s so easy to bottom medication with these easy goes in Liberia and I thought what did he just say he was suggesting lots of the young girls who would lost parents to the Ebola crisis that they would do anything sexual and exchange the medication so when you had your boss use this phrase bought and medication with girls what did you think you meant by that sexy medication himself yes he had in fact he brags about it quite a lot to say it in front of three or four people who were there at the say it to me very directly what’s this all about let’s be honest I can’t believe that it was impossible for us to verify this claim because the Whistleblower was not in Liberia at the time and when we put this to msf they said they needed more information to investigate another former employee life with HIV patients in central Africa said the use of local sex workers was widespread that was his older colleague here actually moved woman into the compound he was in his fifties she was younger it was pretty obvious that she was supposed to check but he calls her his girlfriend she spend the night with him and he even sold a piece of toppling to give her some if someone moves into the room it was so blatant so blatant and so widespread I so when he was younger guy and he going into the toilet with a prostitute on you has a talk to you cuz she wants one of those balls she told me they had sex and that he paid a some of the men she worked with this of mine asked me out and I said no and from that point. The atmosphere in the compound is toxic made miserable in front of me and the West became when I left for a few weeks came back to my room and Found Used condoms she told people he deliberately Left Behind how sick she said she reported his behavior to her boss in the field but she was told to be fired if the pair of them didn’t sort medicines on Frontier has very strict rules about abuse of power especially when staff of working overseas where told the reality can be very different out in the field if I lose some of the older guys that was definitely an abuse-of-power they’ve been there for a long time to catch on to that resulted status of the western Aid worker it was definitely myself for them and you can’t help feeling that they liked it because it had the opportunity to have her life pics of women that I wouldn’t be able to hop in the Rain Country it could have been the Senior Management wasn’t aware of it but it’s definitely a feeling is that two men who behave and not put it through my love I seen is too big to fail but it isn’t just in the field where women say they felt uncomfortable we have a Skype meeting with a partner at another angio who was sitting on her bed and they both kept telling her how sexy she was and saying oh you look so fantastic asking her where her husband was how much weight she’s lost she was really embarrassed and try to move on but they persisted with this for about 15 minutes and I was just thinking when is this going to end another time I was just a medical procedure done in an African country with the whole question of a woman’s reproductive organs came up and it was written in French I said we referring to the vagina who what is this so I said really serious so I said it in French and he just rubbed his hands and said oh how exciting and I thought okay apparently I’m back at school and dealing with school boys kind of harassment is equal to have been going on for a while I think it’s endemic and it’s part of the institution and our investigation discounted head so far are in no way isolated at all we’ve had from other women inside msft describe the culture that as toxic one of my sources he was told that she was going to work in the department of the walking wounds that was how the boss describe the women who about to go home as soon as you leave she said she raised us with a line manager but nothing was done and if anyone did complain about the behavior they will call the broken dolls again that work whether she found her boss she said he then went on to comment about the size of her breast she did raise this with HR but she said not much was done about it she also said the atmosphere in the field was no different to the office she was going on missions to okay Anicia and then finally she quit Ford but this isn’t the first time msf recycle place like this stuff for sexual harassment last year alone the shows they were looking at this issue back in 2016 the report said they’ve been touched inappropriately at work Lauren London King’s the culture is entrenched I saw a lot of people trying to cope with the stress and the psychological trauma of some of the things that I’ve witnessed it was a little drinking they can be a certain type of person that works from SF they start off getting a humanitarian wait for the right reasons but when the commission off the mission that comes the mission creep and off for a while he’s wanted still behaving in a way that you’d expect genuine humanitarian to behave msf said they conducted a thorough review of that file I made informal inquiry but they couldn’t find any record of the claims against the London office they said they would deeply saddened to hear the allegations but they hope that it might encourage movie to come forward
Aid workers at charity Medecins Sans Frontieres used local prostitutes while working in Africa, whistleblowers have told us.

Female former employees said the behaviour was widespread.

One said a senior colleague said it was possible to barter medication in exchange for sex.

The charity said it does not tolerate “abuse, harassment or exploitation”. The use of prostitutes is banned by MSF under its strict code of conduct.

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