Meadows, Dershowitz react after Lisa Page defies subpoena

Lisa Page righteous on half of the anti-trump texting do all along with her lover Peter strzok are they still together do we know I’m just joking but today she decided subpoena that is important refusing to show up for a closed-door meeting with two different house committees box of told exclusively that Pages lawyer has was served tonight and electronic subpoena and shows just to ignore it and respond chairman Bob goodlatte and member Trey Gowdy just sent a letter to Pages attorney warning that their committee will initiate contempt proceedings against page Friday morning at 10:30 a.m. to discuss how much trouble Miss Paige might be in and why the temptation to testify today North Carolina Congressman Freedom caucus chair Mark Meadows and noted attorney Alan dershowitz author of the new book the case against impeaching Trump Congress and Meadows I got to say reading her lawyers, at the reason the only reason she didn’t testify today was because apparently they were not provided the requisite documents to have adequate preparation for the scope and breadth of the questions that she would be asked your response to their I was going to give her the benefit of the doubt this morning until I call doj and there’s three problems with that one she’s had 7 months to prepare cuz we started initially asking her to come in in December of 2017 secondly she wasn’t even going be prepared FBI reached out to her Council to say by the way you may want to come in and review some of these documents and then the third thing is actually she reviewed documents yesterday at 3:45 review most of the documents the only thing she didn’t review was top-secret documents that we didn’t anticipate any questions arising from that anyway so the attorney is doing a disservice to her to suggest that she was going to come in a voluntary will testify this month I’m hopeful we’ll see her tomorrow or Friday because tomorrow or Friday she will be held in contempt and then what what does that mean she gets referred to the Department of Justice for prosecution but it would create another issue because then all the sudden it’s incumbent upon the act and we actually have other constitutional ways to do it but yes as our guests there will be no and I’m sure you have refused to open email I’m just going to pretend like this it doesn’t exist refuse to click on an email what you know is a subpoena for your client that seems kind of weird to me but your reaction to that even if all the reason she gave will good ones you don’t just don’t you write a letter to the committee asking the committee to give you more time to review but the idea of just not showing up makes no sense at all and of course the congressman is correct the Justice Department is supposed to take the case over but if Texas Department doesn’t do it Congress is an independent branch of government it can hold somebody in contempt it can literally order the person to go into the basement jail cell and then that person would have to go to court secret of habeas corpus it’s almost never done it was done in the 19 century but it’s rarely done today but it’s rare that the justice department doesn’t go after somebody and enforce a subpoena so we may see a conflict between this justice department and the play the brands but in the end the legislative branch must enforce its own subpoenas and the justice department must comply with that otherwise our separation of powers and checks and balances is really in trouble a lot of people watching right now are they still hear the name Lisa Page like they forget what actually happened with the text messages better than to her friend Peter struck this man cannot be president March 16th page that I cannot believe Donald Trump is likely to be an actual serious candidate for president having a meltdown struck says they fully deserve to go and demonstrate the absolute bigger nonsense of trump July 18th page says Donald Trump is an enormous dword July 21st struck says Trump’s a disaster August 8th Lisa page says Trump’s not ever going to become president right that’s my favorite one emphasize Peter strzok Superman says no no he’s not. Will stop it baby come on get a room and into the justice department who had an enormous amount of influence two of the Seminole investigations explain why struck doesn’t want to testify in public and why she doesn’t want to testify at all there is no they can explain those messages he’s going to try to say always pillow-talk but when you have a man who is in charge of FBI investigation saying he’s going to stop a man from being elected president Emmanuel voted against be present but the idea of the FBI would put a thumb or even a pinky on the scale of American elections is akin to what is alleged with Russia I mean the FBI putting a thumb in some ways is even worse enemies are other countries trying to influence elections look we know that happens but to have our own law enforcement agencies that are supposed to be neutral and objective saying we going to stop this we need insurance policies the American public has to hear everything there’s wonderful the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic right not everybody is convinced about the need to hear from Lisa Page lot of critics out there Jerry Nadler lots of comments from him today said this political charade a platform to elevate far-right conspiracy theories Congressman Meadows and undermine the special counsel’s ongoing criminal investigation and then there were others today Congressman like response let’s watch I work for the president to latch onto these text messages and therefore declare the entire Russia investigation to somehow biased against President until Community the justice department of people who work there don’t live in a vacuum they have it personal use and they’re entitled to them text the facts are we have their own words it’s not my words it’s it’s not it’s Lisa Page Peter struck and I would suggest a number of other people where we’re seeing a growing body of evidence that says that there was actual Court patient not only just with the FBI and doj as it relates to this investigation but perhaps with other agencies that really create a little troubling message it is important hit it before putting even even a pinky on the scale of Justice that’s wrong and we can’t have that transparency I’m on for making it all transparent and let let Jerry Nadler come in and read the same documents I’ve read I think you’ll have it Congressman do you know what he’s talking about wasn’t going to say Alan I was up in New Hampshire over the weekend some some some of the friends and we’re up there with their families and I pick up the Boston Globe and I see that everybody was mean to you up in Martha’s Vineyard no one inviting you for any afternoon delight come to Western North Carolina read the book on the beach and nobody will know they’re reading it it’s like the plain brown wrapper as we use different books as kids when we were reading 30 books plain brown wrapper powder and my friends love you they love you they love your children you’re welcome back anytime
Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page fails to show up to testify before House committees; Rep. Mark Meadows and Alan Dershowitz react on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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