Mayor of Annapolis says town is ‘reeling’ after deadly attack – Daily Mail

it’s a terrible day I’m probably the saddest day in Annapolis that I can remember so we’re all still reeling from it and none of us expected something like this to happen so I can describe The Newsroom intimately to wait we go there all the time it’s the 5 building roughly it’s a glass building a modern looking building you go through the standard revolving door to get into a Lobby to the rotted that Lobby is the entrance to the Capital newspaper you walk into that room there’s a reception desk and then this just Banks of typos it would be no for people to hide they would have been a very vulnerable and we were just horrified at what they must have had to go through what kind of imagine what it’s like but I can I have to come in these guys before their dedication look genlis make a lot of money in and then small towns and I do it because I just love Jen lism and I know it was saying how you know who would expect that would be in your job training if you trying to be a teacher you think you’ve got to worry about someone coming over we tried to be a journalist to go to worry about somebody coming to The Newsroom you know I don’t know what’s happened to us Society but we need to reset and do something about it
Annapolis shooter Jarrod W. Ramos, 38, had been flagged up to police as ‘the next mass shooter’ by a woman he obsessively stalked to the point where she had to change her name and flee the state. The harassment had begun with a Facebook message of thanks for being ‘the only person ever to say hello or be nice to him in school’, and escalated over several months. Ramos unsuccessfully tried to sue Capital Gazette over a 2011 article about the harassment, and spent years threatening the newspaper and its staff on Twitter.

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