Maryland newspaper shooting suspect not cooperating with police

even though Jared Ramos has not been cooperating with detectives old court documents and Twitter posts are giving police clues about what may have sparked his anger peers Justice correspondent just in case investigators a grudge against the Capital Gazette a search of his home turned up evidence that he had planned yesterday’s attack we did find evidence at the residence I can’t go into a whole bunch of details about it but I will tell you that is evidence showing the origination of planning according to court documents in 2012 he filed an unsuccessful defamation lawsuit against the paper and a columnist you wrote an article about the allegations he harassed and threatened to former High School as the case move through Maryland Court’s Ramos wrote on Twitter that he was suing half of the county and making corpses of corrupt careers in corporate entities in 2013 the Anne Arundel County Police Department get it online threats Ramos made against the Capital Gazette investigating officer noted in the police report that he did not believe Ramos was a threat to employees at the paper ultimately the paper decided not to press charges because be like putting a stick in a beehive Thomas Marquardt was the paper’s editor and publisher at the time when the paper was in a different location that they were to call nine-one-one cbsnews Justice and Homeland Security correspondent Jeff begay’s is in Washington Jeff you send the paper opted not to press charges against Ramos in 2013 but was he on law enforcement radar well he was on law enforcement’s radar in part because the newspaper brought him to the attention of law enforcement and that was based on some of the words that he was putting on Twitter words that the newspaper company spell Twerk by threatening nature and so they did put this on the radar of law enforcement police looked into it but ultimately the newspaper decided not to press charges and ultimately it was as we reported police officer who was investigating decided that you know there didn’t appear to be any sort of immediate threat and you know I should I should say again and emphasized that the paper decided not to press charges out of concern that it could escalate be situation so yeah he was on their radar in 2013 deal with social media threats for Less that they can do they have Leslie way when things are posted on social media social media is so prolific these days there are threats they’re being made through social media and investigators have to investigate them however you know there they were is a high threshold because your balance free speech and whether a crime is being committed in so there’s a high threshold there investigator still have to look into it as they did in this case and determine whether there is a real threat that warrant an investigation or that warrants and arrest a lot of fake threats that appear on social media more than in other traditional forums legally and it was the kind of weapon that the investigator say with a pump-action shotgun and so in some ways it deviates from the kinds of weapons that we’ve seen used in these sorts of attacks but it is obviously the type of weapon that can cause Mass casualties as we saw yesterday but based upon their investigation law enforcement officials are telling us that this is something that he purchased legally was there any sort of list or something but he could have been on to prevent him from buying a firearm legally I’m thinking of after the Parkland shooting there was a estate law passed that said that anyone who’s appeared to be a threat could possibly be put on the list to prevent them from buying firearm anything like that that could have been in play here this is something that could change in the coming days is this investigation unfolds but as it stands now it doesn’t look like he checked any of those boxes that would have prohibited you from purchasing that shotgun legally but again investigators emphasized today they are still putting the pieces of this puzzle together they still a believe that he acted alone he he did not have anyone assisting him in this act but they are still in there words trying to put the pieces of this puzzle together and as we discussed yesterday Ramos is not cooperating with police still even today how is that going to impact the investigation they’re going to have to find some other ways to put together the pieces of this puzzle it is unusual the way this has unfolded in terms of his demeanor during questioning investigators have been passing him for information but according to investigators he has no he is not cooperated at all and then there was this business of trying to figure out who he was he didn’t have any ID on him when he was arrested and then his fingerprints were in the kind of state that made it difficult or investigators to fingerprint him and then come up with an identification they had to use facial recognition and that is something that is not done today especially in situations like this so that in itself is unusual but the fact that he is not cooperating now investigators they are they are pros and they will get the answers that they are looking for but it it it just delays the process a little bit thank you so much my pleasure
Maryland newspaper shooting suspect Jarrod Ramos has not been cooperating with detectives, so police are using old court documents and Twitter posts to gather clues about what may have sparked his anger. CBS News justice and homeland security correspondent Jeff Pegues joins CBSN to discuss the investigation.

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